Is Call of Duty Down? COD Server Status and Problems

Is Call of Duty Down? COD Server Status and Problems

Call of Duty is a series that boasts one of the most diverse multiplayer-based gaming ecosystems in the industry. From a popular battle royale game to a thriving mobile platform, Call of Duty is known and loved by hundreds of millions of gamers around the world. However, the game almost requiring an internet connection to work means that players will often run into issues. In this guide, we’re going to help answer one core question: ‘Is Call of Duty down?’ If it is, we’ll let you know how to get back online as soon as possible.

COD Server Status Guide

It’s relatively simple to find out if Call of Duty is offline, whether that’s Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, or Call of Duty Mobile. If you’re finding that Call of Duty is down for you, you can access the following link and check out COD’s server status:

It’s typically updated in real-time, but what if Call of Duty is down for you even if that status page reflects that everything is fine from a technical standpoint?

Is Call of Duty Down? Here’s What You Can Do

Let’s say you’re enjoying a Call of Duty session and suddenly you find that Modern Warfare 3 is offline for no real reason. What do you do in that situation?

Firstly, you can check the status page as referenced above. It’s also a good idea to check out Down Detector, a service that allows users to report issues with games, applications, and websites. Failing that, consider jumping onto social media and running a search with a term like this:

  • ‘Is Modern Warfare 3 down’
  • ‘Is Call of Duty down’
  • ‘Is Warzone down’
  • And so on…

If you’re racking your brain for an answer, consider reaching out to the Activision Support team on Twitter (X).

There are a few generic networking tips you can take advantage of if you’re still not finding an answer. For instance, you can try rebooting your device (a hard reset if possible), using a wired or alternate connection, rebooting your router, or taking the last-ditch action to simply wait, play something else, and come back later.

If Call of Duty is down at that moment, it might not be in an hour or two.

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