Is Discord Down Now? Discord Server Status and Network Guide

Is Discord Down Now? Discord Server Status and Network Guide

Discord is one of the world’s most popular messenger applications. It’s a favourite amongst gamers, many of whom are members of copious numbers of Discord servers, and it’s the application of choice for those looking to play games online with their friends and stay connected in general. However, no system is perfect, and blips can often lead users to spam-search one very important question: ‘Is Discord down now?’

Fortunately, we have a one-stop, one-shot guide that’ll help you figure out the Discord server status at any given point. If you’re having network issues with Discord, look no further than this page.

Is Discord Offline?

That’s a great question. Is Discord down now, or are you alone in experiencing some bizarre network issues that are stopping you from talking to your cherished friends?

If you want to know the Discord server status as quickly as possible, the best way to do it is by using the resource set up and provided by the company itself. It’s a simple webpage that’s kept separate from the main application, so if the application is down, it’s almost guaranteed that this Discord server status page is unaffected.

Here’s the link you’ll need:

Outside of simply checking the Discord server status, you can also use that site to check notifications, the search function, voice chat features, and more. There are a lot of metrics on the page, plus a historical tracker of any issues reported or tracked by Discord. It’s one of the best server status pages offered by any technology or communications company.

How to Solve Discord Network Error

If you’re getting a network error on Discord, you’ll likely spend the next few minutes searching ‘Is Discord down’ on every search engine you can reach – but that’s not the only solution.

While checking social media channels is a good idea, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Firstly, check if Discord is working for you on another device – ideally, one that’s different from your failing device. If you’re trying to connect to Discord on a PC (and failing), see if it works on a mobile device. Also, check to see if your friends and family are having similar issues.

It’s a good idea to reboot your device or the application, reset your router, perform a cache clearance or a power cycle, or just chill out and come back in a few minutes. If all else fails and Discord is offline for you for a very long time, consider reaching out to the team via the Discord support function.

Best of luck getting back online!

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