Is CX-9 Better than Fennec in COD: Mobile? Detailed Comparison of the two SMGs

If a detailed analysis is what you’re after, then the comparison between the CX-9 and the Fennec in COD Mobile is quite intriguing. CX-9 is the latest addition in the SMG section of COD: Mobile. The base CX-9 offers a favorable TTK for up to 19 meters, but beyond this range, its performance starts to wane. It struggles in competition with weapons like the PDW, Fennec, and Switchblade. Interestingly, the Switchblade mirrors the range profile of the CX-9. Boosting the range of the CX-9 becomes crucial, with the 38s barrel standing out due to its dual benefits of range enhancement and sound suppression.

Gunsmith Recommendations

For beginners, there are specific builds to make the CX-9 user-friendly. A popular choice includes the sleight of hand, which offers a significant boost to reload speed. Alternatively, the laser can be used to improve hipfire. When considering stocks, the one with flinch reduction might be useful, but it can hamper ADS movement. It’s often better to pair with the toughness perk.

Performance on Maps

On smaller maps such as ‘Summit’, the CX-9, with its improved good TTK range up to almost 23m, can be dominant. However, it still struggles beyond this range due to inconsistencies with its hitbox. These inconsistencies mean that players are more likely to experience slower TTK at midrange than potential TTK, even with its impressive fire rate.

Damage and Bullet Speed

The damage output of the CX-9 is another area that hampers its performance. If damage were higher, the shots required for a kill would decrease, allowing the CX-9 to outshine its competitors. Bullet speed, or rather the lack of it, is another Achilles heel. Compared to weapons like the Fennec that lack bullet speed, the CX-9 falls behind, and this becomes more pronounced beyond the 23m range.

Recoil and Handling

One redeeming quality of the CX-9 is its manageable recoil, which is primarily vertical with a bit of horizontal drift. This makes it akin to the Switchblade, and with some practice, players can achieve consistent beams. Attachments like the operator grip can be advantageous, but they aren’t strictly necessary.

Hipfire and Ironsights

When it comes to hip firing, the CX-9 doesn’t fare as well as the Fennec or Switchblade. However, using a laser can improve this shortcoming. As for its ironsights, the battle pass variant is superior and is the recommended choice for most.

Fire Rate and Mobility

The CX-9 boasts the third-fastest fire rate in COD Mobile, making it forgiving for missed shots. Its flinch handling is superior to the Fennec with certain builds, and its mobility stats, particularly sprint-to-fire and ADS movement, are commendable. A key advantage is its magazine size of 50 bullets, ten more than the Fennec, allowing players to engage multiple enemies without frequent reloads.


While the CX-9 has its merits, it currently doesn’t dethrone the Fennec. Major improvements needed include tweaking the hitbox or damage and buffing the bullet speed. With these changes, the CX-9 could potentially rise to meta status. Given its upcoming mythic version, players are hopeful for enhancements in the next season. For now, the recommendation leans towards the Fennec.