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bk2 ff id

B2k free fire id name: The world of online multiplayer games has introduced so much new talent to the world. And many of those successful players have earned so much popularity and respect from the general public With their gameplay and other social skills. Many games have contributed to the trend such as Free Fire.

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And B2K (Born to Kill) is one of those talented and famous free-fire players. Due to the popularity gained by B2K (Born to Kill), Many people are looking for B2K (Born to Kill) free fire ID, stats, etc. So let’s take a deep dive into it and check out a few things about B2K (Born to Kill).

What is free fire (FF)?

Before we talk about B2K (Born to Kill) free fire ID, it is very important for you to know about the free fire itself. Otherwise, our writing will be a lost cause to you and you won’t be able to understand much about it. 

Free fire is an online multiplayer game developed by 111dots studio and published by Garena. It was first released on the 23rd of August 2017 and it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. If you are interested in the technicals and development it is more built by using the unity game engine.

Currently Free fire game is number one in the Android application play store by Google. The game is all about surviving by staying in the safe zone. And you can use vehicles for transportation and weapons to eliminate other players to ensure your own safety and survival.

 B2K (Born to Kill) Free Fire ID

Due to the popularity gained by B2K (Born to Kill) By showcasing his exceptional gameplay in the free fire. Everybody around the world wants to become game friends with B2K (Born to Kill) and play alongside with him.

B2K (Born to Kill) has earned the love and respect of millions of other Free Fire players many people have started looking for the B2K (Born to Kill) Free Fire ID.

The leader of guild IM – 50 – Members, B2K (Born to Kill) ID is 320653047.

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B2k free fire id

B2K (Born to Kill) Stats in Free Fire

To understand the gameplay of any player in any game is to check the stats of that player in the game. We can understand that B2K (Born to Kill) is a famous you tuber. But, does he have the stats that are required to become a great player? let’s find it out using B2K (Born to Kill) free fire stats.

Just like every other online multiplayer game player, we will divide the stats of B2K (Born to Kill) in free fire game into 3 different parts. Solo, Duo, and Squad.


B2K (Born to Kill) In the solo gameplay of free fire has played 1393 games, and out of these games, he has successfully won 169 games. Which translates into a 12.13% winning ratio. And while playing 1393 games he has successfully eliminated 4556 players. In the end, his skill to that ratio comes to 3.72. which is a great number for any free fireplace.


In the duo gameplay, B2K (Born to Kill) has played 2321 games. And out of these 2321 games, he has successfully won 397 games. That translate into 17.10% of the winning ratio. And while playing these games we have successfully eliminated 9562 players. And he maintains his kill ratio in the dual mode around 4.97. 


Squad gameplay of any multiplier game is considered to be the hardest part. Because here you have to play along with three other members and it became your duty to support them as well as kill other teams. 

And That is what makes B2K (Born to Kill) the most popular player of free fire game. In his lifetime B2K (Born to Kill) has played 8153 games. With 1470 winning games, B2K (Born to Kill) has a win rate of 18% which is one the highest by any Free Fire player. B2K (Born to Kill) has also Eliminated 47218 players which makes his kill-to-death ratio 7. 

These are the steps that make B2K (Born to Kill) a great player. But remember it may get change as soon he starts playing the next games 

B2K (Born to Kill) YouTube Channel

B2K (Born to Kill) Is not just a popular free-fire player. but he is also a famous you tuber also. Even though he is on YouTube since 2016. But B2K (Born to Kill) hit the 100,000 mark in August 2019.

He is the second most popular YouTuber in his country Italy. And he has a rank of 1375 in the world in terms of subscriber count. Till October 2021 B2K (Born to Kill) has more than 500 million video views on his channel.

As per the estimation B2K (Born to Kill) is expected to hit the 10 million subscribers mark on his YouTube channel somewhere around January 2024.

B2K (Born to Kill) earnings

With the free fire stats of his lifetime gameplay, we can pretty much understand why B2K (Born to Kill) is so famous in the world of Free Fire games. And with the popularity of his YouTube channel, it is obvious to get curious about his earnings

And As per rough estimation, he is earning more than 40 lac Indian rupee per month, from his YouTube videos alone. While he is earning near to 20 lac Indian rupee per month from the promotions.

Other than that he also has a popular Instagram profile. From where he is earning around 10 lac Indian rupees per month. So Overall it can be round at 70 lac Indian rupee.

Final thoughts

At the end to finalize my writing, I will say that not just E-sport but Online multiplayer games has given us so many talented people such as B2K (Born to Kill). We have mentioned the B2K (Born to Kill) free fire ID and we have also included B2K (Born to Kill) stats along with his subscriber count. Let us know in the comments section if you want to know more about B2K (Born to Kill) free fire.

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