Jonathan’s Message After Team Godlike Failed to Qualify For BMPS Finals

In the aftermath of GodLike Esports’ failure to secure a spot in the Grand Finals of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series 2023 (BMPS Season 2), renowned BGMI esports athlete and content creator, Jonathan “Johnny” Amaral, quashed retirement rumors in a heartfelt Instagram post. Addressing his fans, Jonathan affirmed his commitment to the esports journey, expressing determination to persevere until he attains success.

Jonathan Reflecting on Godlike’s Roller Coaster Journey in 2023

Acknowledging the challenging 2023 season, Jonathan characterized it as a “roller coaster” for both himself and the GodLike Esports team. Despite facing setbacks and falling short of expectations, he remained optimistic about the future. Reflecting on the team’s performance in the BMPS 2023 League Stages, where they secured two Chicken Dinners but failed to qualify for the Grand Finals, Jonathan emphasized the unwavering support from fans and hinted at a resurgence in the upcoming season.

GodLike Esports’ Instagram Response

GodLike Esports, sharing the sentiments of disappointment, posted on Instagram, acknowledging their failure to meet expectations but expressing confidence in achieving greater heights in the future. The organization also highlighted the fact that this team was formed just before the BMPS, setting it up as a major reason for their downfall at the league stage.

Recap of Godlike’s BGMI Journey in 2023

In 2023, GodLike Esports faced a tumultuous journey reflected in AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings. Struggling for form, the team won just one tournament and held a disappointing 14th position on the third-party leaderboard, 34th on the official, and 17th overall as of November 21, 2023.

Despite a runner-up finish in BGMI Masters Series 2022, GodLike’s performance fluctuated, hitting a low with a 42nd position in June.

After a surprising victory in the IQOO Pro Series, the team’s subsequent poor streak included double-digit placements in six consecutive tournaments. Although GodLike showed signs of improvement in November, securing 6th and 8th positions, their overall growth on our BGMI rankings placed them 17th. The evolving narrative poses the question of whether GodLike Esports can sustain this momentum and climb higher in the 2024 competitive scene.