Knights of the Old Republic Remake is “Alive and Well” Says Saber Interactive CEO

Knights of the Old Republic Remake is "Alive and Well" Says Saber Interactive CEO

The Knights of the Old Republic Remake is alive and well, says Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch.

Speaking with IGN in a new interview, Karch confirmed that the game is still in active development. “It’s clear, and it’s obvious that we’re working on this [KOTOR Remake],” he said. “It’s been in the press numerous times. What I will say is that the game is alive and well, and we’re dedicated to making sure we exceed consumer expectations.”

Knights of the Old Republic Remake has had several public reports over the years that development hasn’t been going well. The game was dropped as Aspyr after it was said that production wasn’t going fast enough, reported Bloomberg.

Saber Interactive has yet to give an official update on when the game could be released, with is last major update coming in the form of a teaser trailer from 2021. At the time, Aspyr was still developing the title.

When do you think we’ll finally get to play the Knights of the Old Republic Remake?

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