M5 Pass Yu Zhong Skin: Release Date, Event Duration, How to Get

M5 Pass Yu Zhong Skin: Release Date, Event Duration, How to Get

This year’s M5 Pass has been officially unveiled, featuring a plethora of new and exclusive skins and cosmetics for fans to collect. The event shall kick off later in November where players can start collecting various rewards including an M5 Yu Zhong skin. Players can choose to purchase the standard or the premium version to gain bonus levels and rewards. Cosmetics and skins that were made available during the M3 Pass last year shall also be making a comeback for fans to collect, including the exclusive skin for Roger. Alongside the M5 Pass event, another event shall also be released which will reward players with extra levels and rewards.

When is the M5 Pass release date?

The M5 Pass event is set to arrive on 20th November 2023. The event will feature the event-exclusive M5 Yu Zhong “Dragon Shade” skin and its Prime version “Cosmic Dragon” that can be acquired by leveling up in the battle pass.

M5 Pass Price and Rewards

Players can purchase the regular M5 Pass which is priced at 399 Diamonds and unlocks the premium rewards that players can acquire by leveling up the battle pass. 

The second option is the M5 Pass Plus which is priced at 699 Diamonds which unlocks more bonus pass rewards, such as claiming the M5 Yu Zhong “Dragon Shade” Epic skin immediately, bonus Pass experience, M5 Exclusive Trail Effect, additional M5 Coins, and more. 

Here is a list of exclusive rewards that players can acquire in the M5 Pass event;

  • M5 Yu Zhong Prime Skin 

  • M5 Battle Effects 

  • M5 Avatar Border 

  • M5 Trail Effect 

  • M5 Graffiti

  • M5 Exclusive Emotes 

  • Yu Zhong Sacred Statue 

  • M5 Battle Effect

Players who reach the maximum M5 Pass level of 150 are eligible to claim the exclusive Yu Zhong figurine. This reward is exclusive only to this battle pass and may not be made available anytime soon.

M3 Rewards Encore

The previously released M3 Battle Pass rewards shall also be making a comeback featuring the exclusive M3 Roger “Field Haunter” Prime Skin and “Phantom Ranger” Epic Skin. 

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