M5 World Championship Becomes Most Popular Mobile Legends Event of All Time

The M5 World Championship etched an extraordinary milestone as the most popular Mobile Legends event of all time. The zenith of this year’s tournament reached an unprecedented peak with 5 million viewers, surpassing the previous record of the 4.2 million peak viewership set during the M4 World Championship.

As outlined in a comprehensive report from , the crescendo of viewership occurred during the climactic final round of the Best-of-7 series. Remarkably, the peak viewership exhibited an upward trajectory from the very outset, steadily rising round after round, resulting in a remarkable and substantial spike in overall viewership. This achievement not only underscores the global appeal of the World Series event but also solidifies its status as a landmark in the evolution of Mobile Legends esports.

M5 World Championship Breaks Viewership Records

As per a report from , the Grand Finals showdown between ONIC Esports and AP.Bren garnered an astonishing 5.1 million peak viewership. This milestone was reached in the climactic final round of the Best-of-7 series, shattering the previous record of the 4.2 million peak viewership, established during the M4 World Championship clash between Blacklist International and RRQ Hoshi. The surge in viewership underscores the fervent interest and engagement of the esports community, solidifying the Grand Finals as a historic spectacle.

Numerous factors likely played a pivotal role in the substantial surge in viewership during the M5 World Championship. To begin, the two finalists boast some of the most expansive fan bases in the Mobile Legends esports scene. Their widespread popularity undoubtedly contributed to the heightened interest surrounding the event. Second, the match itself unfolded as a riveting spectacle, characterized by an intense back-and-forth between the two teams, culminating in a gripping seven-round encounter. The relentless exchange of blows only added to the excitement, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Adding to the stakes, both teams had significant narratives at play in the M5 World Championship. ONIC Esports was poised to achieve a Grand Slam, building on a formidable winning streak in previous tournaments. Conversely, AP.Bren had its sights set on securing a second World Championship title, intensifying the competition.

In the end, AP.Bren emerged victorious, securing its second M-series title, while ONIC Esports, despite its commendable efforts, had to settle for a runner-up finish. The clash not only solidified AP.Bren’s dominance but also added a layer of drama and significance to the M5 World Championship, making it a memorable chapter in the history of Mobile Legends esports.