Mavi Provides Update on Global Esports’ BGMI Lineup

Global Esports had announced its BGMI lineup before the start of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. The roster showed promise in the initial stages but was eliminated from the event. Although the team was eliminated from BGIS 2023 it did well in Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 2023 and placed 4th in the Lan event. 

Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh, in his recent live stream, provided some details regarding the BGMI roster of Global Esports. He was hesitant to provide any names or hints but revealed that it will be announced soon.

Mavi talks about Global Esports BGMI roster 

In a recent , Mavi revealed some details about Global Esports’ BGMI roster. He said that the lineup is in the works and all the details will be revealed soon.

When one of Mavi’s viewers asked about an update regarding Global Esports’ BGMI roster he said, “The roster planning is in process. I can’t provide any direct hints or names of the players. All I can say is that we are practicing and everything will be revealed soon. If I provide any hints it will be an issue so it’s better if I don’t say anything”. Mavi also said that he is also practicing and grinding the game on a solo level. 

Recently Rushindra Sinha, CEO of Global Esports, revealed that the organization had completely shut down its BGMI operations for the time being. He had said that the organization would start from scratch and build a new roster. The organization had also gotten a bunch of talented female athletes to compete under the name of Global Esports Phoenix and this team was also disbanded along with the male BGMI roster.

The release of Global Esports’ male roster was the most surprising one as the roster had an amazing performance in the recently concluded BGMS 2023 Season 2. Fans had high expectations from the roster as the lineup consisted of young talented players that showed aggressive gameplay and challenged the seasoned teams.

Mavi was retained by Global Esports from the BGMI lineup and it seems that the organization is looking to build a new roster around him. It will be interesting to see which players join the roster and when the announcement will be made as there are many BGMI events coming forth in the future.