MLBB King of Fighters ‘97 Bingo Event Leaked by Data Miners

MLBB King of Fighters ‘97 Bingo Event Leaked by Data Miners

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) King of Fighters (KoF) may be making a comeback with a new set of skins for players to collect. According to data miners, the upcoming event will feature three new skins for the heroes Valir, Paquito, and Masha. Titled MLBB KoF ‘97, the highly anticipated Bingo event is said to arrive in April 2024. However, the release date of the said event is yet to be confirmed by Moonton.

Here is what we know about the MLBB KoF ‘97 event including release dates, which heroes shall receive the skins, and more.

What is the MLBB KoF ‘97 Bingo Event release date

According to various leaks, the MLBB KoF ‘97 Bingo Event will be released on 24th April and will last until 31st May 2024. The event will feature three new skins named Valir “Kyo,” Paquito “Terry,” and Masha “Mai.”

This will be the third set of the King of Fighters skin series that will be released in MLBB. Here is the list of the currently released skins themed around the event;

  • Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”

  • Chou “Iori Yagami”

  • Karina “Leona”

  • Gusion “K”

  • Dyrroth “Orochi Chris”

  • Aurora “Kula Diamond”

Players should keep in mind that the official release date of the MLBB King of Fighters ‘97 Bingo Event is yet to be confirmed by Moonton. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

What is the King of Fighters?

The King of Fighters (KOF) is a long-running series of fighting games developed by SNK Corporation. It was first introduced in 1994 and quickly gained popularity for its unique gameplay mechanics, diverse roster of characters, and intricate storyline. The series is known for its team-based format, where players select a team of three fighters to compete against other teams in fast-paced matches.

The first MLBB King of Fighters collaboration event was released on 19th March 2019. This was then followed by another set of skins with the same theme on 20th August 2019. Since then, no other skins were released that are tied to the MLBB KoF collaboration, until the recent leaks surrounding part 3 which will feature three more skins.

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