MobaZane Looking to Reunite With Former Teammates for MLBB Esports 2024

One of the iconic North American star players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun, is looking to play with his former teammates from both BloodThistyKings (BTK) and The Valley (TV). According to him, he would like to play with his old squadmates in next year’s North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) and Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2024. However, he clarified that nothing is confirmed yet and fans will only know if the official lineup will be revealed at a later date. 

MobaZane expresses desire to team up with his old teammates for NACT and international tournaments next year

With NA’s TheOhioBrothers having officially bowed out of the M5 World Championship, fans are looking for the region’s strong comeback next year. 

Through a media press conference, MobaZane expressed his earnest desire to once again share the battlefield with his old squadmates. While the prospect of this reunion is tantalizing for fans, the seasoned player clarified that nothing is set in stone, and the official lineup will only unveil its secrets at a later date.

“For next NACT and next international tournaments like MSC, you’ll probably get to see me play with some of my older teammates. Probably go back in with SHARK, possible that Basic will be there, maybe FwydChickn, we’ll see, nothing is confirmed yet,” he said.

When asked whether Carti, also known as Victor will also be joining, MobaZane answered “I wanna bring him but mainly not as a player but as a sub for EXP Lane because I do miss him.” Carti was part of the original BTK lineup that brought pride to North America during the M3 World Championship.

MobaZane is currently signed under the Avalon Esports lineup. The full roster of the team is yet to be finalized. This means, there is a possibility that MobaZane’s statement may become a reality in the future and fans may see him play with his former teammates in next year’s Mobile Legends esports events.