New State Mobile Introduces Blue Zone Grenade; Campers Worst Nightmare? Check how it works

In the continuous evolution of New State Mobile, the developers have rolled out a new throwable weapon – the Blue Zone Grenade. This fresh addition is bound to add a new layer of strategy to the already intense battleground. Here’s a dive into what this new item entails and how it might just be the bane of campers.

Blue Zone Grenade: How It Works

The Blue Zone Grenade, once hurled, creates a Blue Zone area from its landing point. This zone then expands to its maximum radius, holds for a span of 5 seconds, and gradually begins to shrink thereafter. The intriguing part is that the damage from the grenade’s Blue Zone can stack with the regular Blue Zone’s damage. Moreover, if multiple Blue Zone Grenades are thrown, their damages can stack up too, escalating the damage exponentially. Unlike other grenades, players cannot remove the safety clip of Blue Zone Grenades, ensuring they are only activated upon being thrown.

Rarity and Location

Currently, the Blue Zone Grenade cannot be purchased with credits. The in-game drone credit shop hasn’t listed this item yet, which means players have to find it the old-fashioned way – by looting. Players can stumble upon this grenade at specific locations within the game. However, only one grenade can be found at a particular location, making it a rare find indeed. The journey to acquire this grenade takes players through various locations, each yielding only one grenade upon a thorough search.

Campers Beware

The Blue Zone Grenade could be a significant deterrent for campers. Its ability to cause damage inside buildings can flush out campers from their hiding spots, forcing them into the open or to other locations. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with stubborn campers nestled inside buildings, unwilling to move. When a Blue Zone Grenade is thrown into a building, even if there’s a wall between the grenade and the camper, the damage seeps through, making it a lethal choice to deal with indoor campers.

Visual Similarity, Unique Functionality

Upon a close inspection, players might find a visual similarity between the Blue Zone Grenade and the traditional smoke grenade. However, the functionality is vastly different. Unlike other grenades where players can remove the pin before throwing, the Blue Zone Grenade demands to be thrown immediately, adding a layer of urgency and caution while handling it.

A Game Changer?

The introduction of the Blue Zone Grenade is a welcomed change that promises to alter gameplay dynamics, especially concerning campers. Its rare availability and the significant impact it can have on the battlefield makes it a prized possession for players. The Blue Zone Grenade, with its unique mechanics and consequential gameplay changes, is poised to become a new favorite among players, while possibly being a dreaded entity among the camping community.

The Blue Zone Grenade is just a snippet of the continuous innovation in PUBG New State. As players anticipate more new features and game modes in the near future, the excitement continues to build. The developers hint at more to come, ensuring the battleground remains