New State Mobile Survivor Pass Vol.24: Check New Rewards, Pricing and More

NEW STATE Mobile continues to excite its player base with the release of Survivor Pass Vol.24. This new pass offers an array of rewards, including the unique Crazy Baron costume, which could be earned by players as they complete various missions and challenges.

Unlocking Rewards in New State Survivor Pass Vol.24

The journey through Survivor Pass Vol.24 is filled with missions ranging from achieving a certain number of kills to winning a Battle Royale match. As players progress, they unlock new rewards including the flamboyant Crazy Baron costume, upgradable vehicles, and more.

Premium Pass Perks

Upgrading to the Premium Pass unlocks the “Crazy Baron” costume set instantly. Further upgrading to Premium+ Pass or Legacy Pass unlocks additional rewards like the ‘Shadow Assassin Set’ and immediate access to more rewards.

Pricing Details

The Survivor Pass is priced at 900 NC, while the Survivor Pass Plus comes at 1500 NC, offering additional rewards like the Crazy Baron costume and the M3G vehicle. Premium Plus Pass holders are in for a treat with an abundance of exclusive items, enhancing the gaming experience manifold.

Survivor Pass Vol.24 not only brings in new outfits and gears but also adds an exciting competitive layer as players strive to complete missions to unlock these rewards. This latest update keeps the excitement alive, promising a rewarding experience to the NEW STATE Mobile community.

What’s more in the latest Patch Update?

The October update in PUBG NEW STATE introduces a new throwable weapon, the Blue Zone Grenade, which creates a temporary Blue Zone area upon landing. Additionally, new parachute features, Glide and Descend, are introduced for better control during descents. Gun customizations include an AK Alfa C2 Dedicated Laser Grip enhancing control but reducing ADS speed. Notable weapon rebalances and AI costume changes in Human vs AI mode are done based on gameplay data analysis. Lastly, various gameplay and out-game issues are fixed, enhancing overall game performance and user experience.