Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial – Axie Infinity Guide

Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial

Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial- Are you confused about what is Ronin Dex {Katana }? Want to know what are these and how you can use them? What’s the role of Ronnie in Axie Infinity? How these games are operated worldwide?

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Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial

Don’t worry, you are in the right place!

We will guide you on how to use Ronin Dex {Katana } to buy the  Axie Infinity Guide. We will start with the basic concepts and then move towards Ronin Dex’s (Katana) Tutorial – Axie Infinity Guide.

What is Ronnie Dex?

Ronnie Dex is an exchange market that allows you to swap tokens easily. The exchange is decentralized, and it’s the instant method to swap the token. Whenever we talk about Ronnie Dex, you will hear the term Katana Dex. Well, these two are closely related to each other. Ronnie is a network of exchange that is used in all crypto games.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game in which people buy the monster. The exchange method in the game is NFTs and cryptocurrency. In this article, we will guide you on how to use Ronin Dex {Katana } to buy the Axie Infinity Guide guide.

The exchange method is the same for all the crypto games. We will look at the process. What are the tokens and what else do you need to purchase the token?

Before we know what is the process? Let’s know some of the important terms, like what are Katana and the token pair. Without wasting time, let’s dive right in!

What is Katana?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency.  Decentralized simply means that the currency does not have any publishing authority neither they are owned by any official authority. We can say that Katana is just a word used to refer to the transactions of the decentralized currency.

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is not just bitcoin, there are so many other currencies available out there. In katana, only a few of them are allowed. It’s not just limited to currency, there are limited tokens also :

  • SLP ( Smooth Love Potion )
  • AXS ( Sxie Infinity Shards )
  • WETH ( Wrapped Ethereum )
  • USDC

Variation is not only limited to the token, there are a limited number of trading pairs available. Below is the list of trading pairs:


When you swap the token, there are two options available the first one is to choose which one they want to swap and which token they want to swap. It’s easy to swap. We recommend you read further to know how to swap the token. Read below!

What are Ron Token and Metrics?

Crytpo games are a new concept for everyone. Games involve highly intricate concepts and the exchange system. Ron Token is one of the exchange systems. The exchange is used to buy and sell Axie.

Ronnie is an Ethereum-based blockchain game that involves the Axie transaction. RON Token system is also called a Ronin Chain Ecosystem. The system is made to ensure that the Ronin blockchain is continued property. Currently, the token is offered to those who have liquidity.

Ron Token and Liquidity are complicated concepts. We can consider that crypto is in the developing stages, therefore it’s okay to be confused about the methods.  We will talk to each one of them, stay with us!

Liquidity Pool–In simple words, the liquidity pool is the pool of funds. Someone who adds funds to the Liquidity pool is known as Liquidity Provider (LP) and these get rewards in the form of fees for their valuable contribution. The purpose of the pool is to makes sure that there are enough funds for the others who want to swap.

Let’s summarize what’s Ron Token!

Ron Token is the reward for those who add funds to Liquidity Pool. Here we are going to talk about the ron Token but our main purpose is to know how to use them. Let’s go through how to get started with the Ron Token.

Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial – Axie Infinity Guide

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Using Ron Dex is simple once you understand how to get started, how to approve transactions, and how to swap the tokens. These are the three basic functions you should know to use Ron Dex effectively. We will start with how you can start the katana ronine chain.

First, tap on the link.

Second, at the top right corner, you will see the option to connect to the Ronnie wallet. Connect the wallet using this option.   

After successfully connecting the wallet, you will see the WETH option highlighted in blue color. Click on the option. After that, you will see all the currency available. Choose whichever you want to swap. The process is the same for the “Select Token Option “.

Choose both options. Now, enter the amount manually.

Before you swap, there is an “Approve “option. When you will click on the approve option, then the one wallet window will pop up.

A window will show the Approve option. Tap on the option. After successfully doing this, you finally swap the token. Here are three simple swaps have taken:

  • Enter the amount,
  • Approve transactions and
  • Then tap on the “Confirm Swap “

This is the simple process to swap the token. Follow the instruction and your token is going to be approved.         


Exchanging tokens is a simple process. It’s a simple three-step process. All you have to do is follow the above steps. We hope the blog is helpful and understood the Ronin Dex (Katana) Tutorial – Axie Infinity Guide. If so, then don’t forget to share the blog with your friends and let them enjoy the advantages of Token.