Axie Infinity Cards Beginner’s Guide

Axie Infinity Cards Beginner’s Guide

Axie Infinity Cards Beginner’s Guide – Axie Infinity Cards is a simple game once you learn all the tips and tricks. Knowing about the ability of cards and their powers often helps players achieve their goal with more ease. However, finding the powers of all the axie is endeavoring. Before you play, you need to know certain rules and regulations.

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Beginners usually get confused about what are the battles and how to play the game. Games has wide range of classification in cards, powers, abilities, and what is the right sequence to achieve the goal. There is a lot to know before you start the gameplay.

Articles talks about all the rules players must . Without wasting time dive right in!

Axie is a Crypto game that involves the buying and selling of anixe in NFTs. In the game, fight the battle and win them. Games aren’t that easy. There are innumerable cards. Each one has its abilities. The art of selecting the right cards is tough. Sounds confusing?

Don’t worry, read below. Below is a simple guide for beginners to get started with the game.

Axie Infinity Cards Beginner’s Guide

Axie Infinity Cards is a battle game in which you have to select the cards. These will fight with the enemy. The power of the card determines whether you will win the game. Each card has some parameters to check the capabilities of the card. Below is the list of parameters :

  • Heath: Health is the prime factor. Health shows the axie strength to handle attacks. You will know how many attacks Axie handles and how long the card will survive.
  • Moral: Moral is the ability of a card to determine how strongly a card can damage the attacks.
  • Ability: Ability is several moves per card. How many cards can be used?

These are commonly used metrics to rate the card. You should know all these things about the card before selecting them for the battel. There are more than 160+ cards, and knowing the power of each one of them is nearly impossible. To make things easier, developers divide the cards into below categories :

Aquatic, Plant, Reptile, Beats, Bug, and Bird

For beginners, it’s tough to know all the details and rules all at once. However, you always have an option to start small. Know small things and understand them. Read as much as you can and then apply all the tips and tricks while playing the battle. Try various combinations. With practice and patience, you will learn how to win the battles.

How to Play the Axie Infinity Cards?

Axie Infinity Cards has two battling modes, named Initial Mechanics and Advanced Mechanics. Although these two aren’t mode, these are two proceeding stages. Wait, you will understand once you know the entire process.

Initial Mechanics: As mentioned above, in the game you have to eliminate the cards of the enemy team. In battle, the primary goal is to defeat the three axie of the enemy and save the three anixe alive of your team. You will win the game or not, this depends on your ability to choose the anixe .

To win the game, you have to analyze the moves of the enemy and which card will eliminate the opposite team. The game requires high thinking and analyzing skills to win the game.

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Here are a few facts about anixe :

  • Each anixe gets 2 energy that two turns to each player
  • Shield reduces the damage
  • The order of cards depends on the speed of the cards

Till now, we can conclude that there are two phases in-game: the first one is the selection phase, and the second one is the battel phase. Both the phases play an important role in determining whether you are going to win the game. Let’s know about each one of them :

Election Phase: The election phase is the selection phase. In this phase, player selects the car. Firstly, you have to select the 6 cards for every 3 rounds. Be selective about the cards. The game is about trying and finding out what works best for you.


Advanced Mechanics: Advanced Mechanics is to save cards eliminated due to minor damage. The possibility of the card coming back depends on the Morale support. This Mechanics can save from card loss. The is option is a game saver if you know how to use the powers.

Tip to play the Axie Infinity Card

  • One of the best skills you should learn is to count energy. Know your energy stats and what is the energy level of your enemy? Knowing the energy level helps to elect the right cards. Therefore, practice the art.
  • Another thing that matters the most is knowing the team. Find several cards you have and what are their power. Remember the loss and the damages caused. Know the required information to analyze and strengthen your team.
  • Above we mentioned the order of cards depends on the speed. Thus, speed plays a crucial role in the game. To play better, you should know which anixe has lower HP, higher skills, high Morale, and Low Axie Id. Know all the abilities of cards and then decide which card combination will give the maximum result. Knowing which will surely help you win the game.


Axie Infinity Cards is a complicated game. You can’t play the game just by knowing how to help. You should learn to practice more. The game requires time and experience. Know all the required rules well and practice how to use them. Therefore, practice more.