RSG PH Releases EMANN From Its MLBB Roster

RSG PH Releases EMANN From Its MLBB Roster

RSG PH officially bid farewell to its esteemed Gold Laner, Eman “EMANN” Sangco. Since Season 8 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League Philippines (MPL PH), the pro player has been an instrumental force within the team, playing a pivotal role in its triumphant campaigns across both local and international Mobile Legends tournaments.

Amidst this transition, RSG PH is yet to unveil its new roster for the upcoming MPL PH Season 13. However, swirling rumors about the team’s potential disbandment or roster revamp after an admirable run in Season 12 have added an air of uncertainty to the team’s future endeavors.

EMANN officially departs from RSG PH MLBB roster

RSG PH released a heartfelt Facebook post announcing the release of its veteran pro player, EMANN. 

“Farewell might sound like a goodbye but for him it’s definitely a new chapter of his journey! EMANN is now ready to fight in a wider map and proves that he could still EMANate a strong aura of a gold laner after being fulfilled his duty with us,” the post captioned.

The esports organization also acknowledged EMANN’s contribution to the team, expressing gratitude and wishing him well in his future endeavors. 

“At the conclusion of your role as our POS 1, the undeniable impact of your contributions in every tournament we’ve undergone cannot be dismissed. You’ve proven that the worth of a gold laner goes beyond the quantity of gold, kills, and MVP titles. As they say, “Learn from your mistake.” Throughout our journey in the land of dawn, we’ve experienced numerous ups and downs, but one thing is certain—your role played a significant part in RSG Philippines’ achievements today. As we approach the new season, we eagerly anticipate the phrase “shotgun ni emann,” a testament to how brilliantly you showcased your skills as a player,” wrote RSG PH.

As the curtains fall on EMANN’s chapter with RSG PH, his departure marks a significant shift for the team. His contributions were not only integral to its successes but also emblematic of the synergy that defined RSG PH in the Mobile Legends esports scene.

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