Set for Life How do I win The National Lottery 2023?

Set for Life is one of the most controversial lotteries. It guarantees $20,000 per month for 20 years. Yes, most people think that way. A controversy is built around the lottery. Do you also have a question about if it’s true or not? Are you also looking for the truth behind all the fuss?

Yes. Set for Life is a legitimate lottery. You can win a massive amount from this scheme. However, the chances of winning the set for life are less. Of course, you can win, but be aware that it’s a lottery. The probability of winning is 50/50.

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What is set for life?

Set for Life is an Australian lottery game launched by the national authorities of Australia. The purpose of the lottery program is to make the lottery a whole-time income source. It’s a legitimate source for playing the game and winning money. According to popular belief, Set for Life can also provide $20,000 per month for years. $20,000 is an insane amount. Most people are unsure whether this sum is real or not. We are going to discuss all the notions of the set for life.

Stay tuned to learn how to set for life works.

How to play set for life?

Before we learn how to win a set for life, let’s learn how to play a set for life. The lottery has a procedure you must follow to win the game. Below we have mentioned all the steps that you should follow :

If you are a beginner, you should refer to these pointers to understand the basics. You have to select the seven numbers that lie between 0 and 44. Among the nine numbers you chose, the first seven will be winning numbers, while the other two will be supplementary numbers.

According to the rules, if your selected winning number matches with the drawn number, then the chances of the winning price will be higher. The organization uses different winner sets based on the number. We will know that in a later section.

Now we know how games work. What is the procedure for playing the game? But to enter the game? Read below!

  1. Enter the game- To enter “Set for Life”, there are two ways: the first is a one-time entry, and the second one is a multiple-week entry.
  • One-time entry is valid for seven days. You can use the same ticket to enter into the seven-day draw.
  • A “multiple weeks enter” ticket allows you to enter the same ticket for multiple weeks.

Choose any of the two options and enter the game.

  1. Select a number: As mentioned above, choose a number between 0 and 44. Whichever you prefer and desire to pick, select wisely, as these numbers will determine your luck.
  1. Buy a Ticket: The last step is to buy a ticket.

Playing set for life is easy. Select the numbers and buy a ticket. That’s it. Keep checking the results to see if you won any prizes. Enter a ticket in the daily draw. You have to be aware of the results and what the most probable time is.

How do I win?

Set for life, let us enter the same lottery seven times. That’s seven chances to win the game. There are seven different sets of winners, named Division 1, and Division 2, which go on till seven.

The above table is the ideal winning chart you should follow. Although winning is rare, getting a single place on the chart takes a lot. It takes time to understand the winning process. Have patience and start to play the game. Eventually, you will understand the entire process.

Division Winning Numbers Odds
Division 17 winning numbers 1:38,320,568
Division 26 winning numbers +1 Supplementary numbers1:2,737,183
Division 36 winning numbers 1:156,411
Division 45 winning numbers + 1 supplementary1:25,701
Division 55 winning numbers1:3,067
Division 64 winning numbers + 1 supplementary1:894
Division 74 winning numbers1:167


Set for Life is easy to play once you know how things work. It takes some time to understand the lottery and how winners are selected. Investing time in lottery play is the best way to increase your chances of winning. Buy a ticket and keep an eye on the results and winners. Try to understand the pattern. Without a doubt, the lottery depends on luck, but you have to try first. 
We hope by now you know all the information about Set for Life. Did you find a helpful blog? If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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