Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semi Finals Day 3: Overall Standings, Overview, and More

Day 3 of Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semi Finals has concluded. It was dominated by seasoned teams like Team Soul, Team Empire, OR Esports, Obey Esports and Entity. Several experienced teams like Marcos Gaming, Godlike Esports and Big Brother Esports were not able to put forth good fights on Day 3 and are placed at the bottom of the table.

Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Semi Finals Day 3 Overview

OR was placed first with 150 points and three chicken dinners. It had a good balance of placement and finish points and was able to secure 76 finishes and 74 placement points. Team Empire was placed second with 147 points and three chicken dinners including 63 finish points. Orangutan placed third with 122 points. Team Soul placed fourth with 117 points and four chicken dinners. It was able to grab two chicken dinners on Day 3. Entity Gaming had consistent performances and also put forth some good fights and was placed fifth with 117 points and one chicken dinner.

Obey Esports showed aggressive gameplay and was placed sixth in the points table with 106 points including 50 finish points. Team Infinity, an underdog squad also put forth good fights against experienced teams and was placed seventh with 105 points and a chicken dinner. Revenant Esports placed eighth overall with 105 points with 76 placement points. Insane Esports was able to secure 97 total points and is placed on the ninth spot. Numen Gaming had a few good matches and was placed in top 4 on Day 2 but slipped to the tenth spot on Day 3 with 97 total points and a chicken dinner. Celsius Esports was placed on the eleventh spot with 88 points and a chicken dinner.

Several teams like Celsius Esports, Team Soul, Team Insane were able to make a comeback on Day 3 as these teams were able to secure more than 50 points each. Big Brother Esports, Godlike Esports, Blind Esports and Numen Gaming had a below average day and will be looking to make a comeback on Day 4.