Top Best GTA 5 Mods That You Can Use

Gta 5 Pokemon go mod

GTA Mods give a different outlook to the game, instead of having the same city, weather, buildings, and everything. Mods provide the best chance to look at the game through different lenses. Mods are updated, or you can moderate the version with additional advantages. Let’s understand using an example!

For instance, some Mods allow switching the game’s interface to an entirely different one. At the same time, some Mods will enable you to adapt some other unique features. We are going to talk about the same various Mods and what their characteristics are. We will list the mod and then some of the special features.

In this article, we’ll share some best GTA mods that can help you explore some of the best GTA MODS: Unique, Fun, and experience-enhancing Mods. We’ll cover the Top 5 Best GTA Mods and what are the features of the Mods. So, without further, let’s get started.

Let’s dive right in!

Best GTA Mods That Will Make Your Game More Entertaining

Pokemon Go GTA Mod

Gta 5 Pokemon go mod
Gta 5 Pokemon go mod

Remember Pokemon Go, the game that gained colossal popularity some years back. You can experience the same world and weather in GTA through the Mod. Players have to roam around the country and look for the Pokemons. Pokemon Go GTA edition successfully recreated the entire game; for example, in the first stage of play, you must find the scattered pokemon. Complete the level, then move to the next stage.

Mod version has many features you will love, some of which are underdeveloped. For instance, there is no gym. Also, the game is not precisely the same as Pokemon go. You will find a lot of similarities and similarities as well.

Features of the Pokemon Go Mod:

  • Save function – you restart the game where you started 
  • Egg Hatching Mechanic 
  • Revamped Catching Mechanism
  • Pokemon Evolve Scene 
  • Ability to escape Scene 

Pokemon Go GTA Mod is a full-packed version with many new and unique surprises. You should try out this excellent Mod.  

Predator Mod

Gta 5 Predator Mod

Are you into Aliens? Do you like to play as an Alien? If yes, then Predator Mod is for you. Predator Mods lets pater be their favorite Movie Alien, and the pulse point is players can even use their powers. Isn’t this amazing? Having unique, exclusive, and rare abilities while playing. 

Predator Mod gives a lot of powers to try, discover and decide what works best for you. Some exclusive abilities include Invisibility Cloak, Javelin, Shoulder rocket, and other unique capabilities. Invisibility Cloak is the most remarkable feature; the power to get invisible is best to hide from others. Another talked feature is the Shoulder Rocket; players can shoot wherever they are in a dangerous situation. 

Moreover, you will have a lot of unique features that will help them to make your game easy and adventurous.

Here are a few features of Predator Mods

  • Fake Green Glowing Blood FX 
  • First-person camera Mod 
  • Smart Disc 
  • You can stab the enemy using Hand blades 
  • Cloak Mode 9 Invisibility Cloak ) 
  • Shoulder Cannon 

If you haven’t tried the Predator Mod, then you should install the Mod right now. Download Mod and enjoy all games with aliens and space around them. 

Visual V GTA Mod

image 6

Visual V GTA Mod is popularly known for the fantastic Graphics, Visuals, and Effects they bring to the table. Visual V Mod has one of the best and most realistic Visuals. Graphic features, textures, the weather of the game, and everything else keeps regularly updating, so the experience remains intact.  

In other words, if you want to experience a game in real life, then this Mod can be your go-to option. Below is the list of all the fantastic features; check out!  

Features of Visual V GTA Mod:

  • Advanced Motion Blurs 
  • Dynamic Shadows and Radio stations 
  • Radiance V Compatibility 

You will find several features that will help enhance the overall experience. You can install the version and start playing the game in advanced graphics. 

Open all Interiors

Gta 5 open all map

Are you bored with the same interiors? The same interiors are monotonous and make the game boring. If you have the same problem, you should try Open All Interiors Mod. Mod will let you access all the 60 different designs and features. 

In simple words,  Open All Interiors is among the top Mods that allow access to all the hidden interiors available in-game. You can even access the secret interiors. Using interiors is simple; all you have to do is go to any interiors and walk in freedom. That’s it! 

Few interiors that can be unlocked:

  • The Tequila-la 
  • Lester’s Sweatshop 
  • Foundry 
  • Jewelry Stor 
  • FBI building 
  • Janitor’s Apartment 
  • Foundry 
  • Recycling Plants 

Almost 60+ interiors are available in Mod. Playing the game and making all the fantastic interiors accessible to yourself is attractive. Don’t waste your time here. Download, Install and enjoy all the other mods in the game. 

Vice Cry: Remastered Mod

gta 5 vicecry mod

Vice Cry remaster is one of the most talked about remastered versions of all time. The visuals and the performance is the best in the mod. Basically, Vice City turns the Vice City Map to GTA 5. Also, adds some of the amazing features that will make the entire experience worth investing time in. 

Want to know what exactly Vice Cry: remaster adds? Below is the list of features we mentioned. 

Features of Vice Cry: Remastered Mod:

  • MLO interiors 
  • Instanced Glass 
  • Working Traffic lights 
  • Instanced Grass 
  • Custom Scenarios 
  • Car Generator 
  • Custom Population Groups and Zones 
  • 3D Neon Models 

Final Verdict 

We mentioned all the Top 5 Best GTA Mods 2022; you can install any of these right now. Here, we discussed only five mods. There are innumerable Mods available. You have to google the Mods, and you will find a massive list of Mods.

Firstly, try these must-have Mods, then you should explore all the other Mods. You will Love the game. We hope you are clear on which mode you want to try out by now. If you found the article helpful, don’t forget to share the blog with your friends.

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