Do you know what is Electro Giant or E Giant? What are powers? And when you can use the Electro Giant?

If you are someone looking for these answers, then don’t worry, you are at the right place. We will guide you to which decks are the best. Stay tuned with us!

Let’s know a little more about the ELECTRO GIANT.


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electro giant deck

Electro Giant Deck is one of the cards in the Arena Battel. Through the card, you can its powers to win the battle. Confused?

Arena Battle Ground is a battlefield in which you are attacked by the troops and using these cards, you have to win the battle. Cards have specific names and unique powers. You need to learn the strategy to win the battle.

Among these Cards, one of the known cards is Electro Giant. The card has some unique power which makes it more interesting. Electro Giant has two Tesla rods that cover a radius of 2.5 cm. Any troop within the radius is zapped in the rod if he tries to attack. Electro Giant never attacks first but when someone attacks him is trapped within the radius.

This power can be used in battles when troops are attacking and electro giant can also damage buildings. To take the advantage of the electro giant, you need to buy the Electro Giant which cost around 8 auxiliary. The electro giants go well with a lot of cards. We will discuss which one is the best one to go with. Stay tuned with us to know all the details about the deck.

Top 5 Best Electro Giant Decks in 2022

Electro  Giant Deck
electro giant deck

Electro Giant has a lot of power but without a deck, hecantst defeat the opponent. To do so, decks, or you can also call the teams, are made to win the battle, these are known as the decks. The deck is the combination of different cards which be used to win the battle.

There is numerous combination of the cards. The certain combination works well and some of them are listed below.  Go through the list and choose the deck that interests you the most.

1. Electro Giant Sparky Deck

Electro Giant Sparky Deck is known as one of the most powerful decks in Arenas 14. This deadly combination has a high chance of winning.

Sparky deck has so many advantages. When enemies break the Inferno Tower, you can use the Sparky deck as a tank killer. Mega Minion is the prime reason for the powers of the deck. Minions can kill the air units such as a baby dragon. Apart from the baby dragon, minions are also good at general defense.

Other members are Hog Rider, Sparky, Electro Wizard, Magic Archer, Electro giant, Tesla, and the Goblin Barrel. Each of them has its unique power, such as Magic Archer, which can target the troops from long distances.

You should try out the Electro Giant Deck!

2. Electro Giant Deck Arena 11

Electro Giant Deck Arena 11 is popular for its high winning probability. If you are looking for the deck which will help you win the game then you can go for the Electro Giant Deck Arena 11. It’s the most used deck on the battlefield. If you want to increase your ranking and score higher, then it’s the go-to deck for you.

Members of the deck are Skeletons, Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Goblin dart, Night Witch, and the Gobline Cage.  All the members here are for the defense except the Electro Giant deck.

You should try the deck if you want to win the game.

3. Toxic Electro Giant Deck

Toxic Electro Giant Deck has unique battle skills. You easily break any combination of the attack using the toxic deck. The main reason for its power is the three prime members: the tornado, the magic archer, and the electro giant.

Tornado has unique powers. If the troops are attacking from afar then you can use a tornado to attract the troops, which will result in damage to the entire troops.

Other members of the troops are Minion, Dark Prince, Inferno Dragon, Magic Archer, and Electro Giant. Bomb Tower, Log, and the Tornado.

 You should use the deck to crack any battle combination.

4. Clash Royale Electro Giant

Clash Royale Electro Giant is one of the most used decks in the arena. Clash Royale has one of the unique combinations of all time. When you will start to play, it becomes a little difficult for you to use the cards on the right. With practice, you will learn to strategy to use the deck. Otherwise, clash royale is one of the most powerful decks.

Members of the decks are Bomber, Dark Prince, Inferno Dragon, Mother Witch, Electro Giant Goblin Drill, Lightning, and the Tornado.

You should try to learn and practice to know the powers of the deck.

5. Mini Pekka Graveyard Electro Giant Deck

Mini Pekka Graveyard Electro Giant Deck is popular for its countering ability. The prime reason for the deck’s popularity is its two popular members: Electro Giant and the Graveyard.

Both of them are powerful, the graveyard is preferred to be used at the end of the game. The card can be used to unit the tank tower damage caused by the Mini Pekka or Musketeer.

The two most powerful members are Graveyard and the Electro Giant. Other members are Skeleton Army and Mini Pekka etc.

You can use the combination to win the most difficult combinations.


Electro Giant is a powerful card that will help you win the battles. To use the e gaint effectively you need to figure out which cards go best with the Electro Giant. Talk with other players to know which one works best. Practice as much as you can. This will improve your skills and also your ranking. Try as many as new tactics.

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