Top 5 Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends With Surprising Damage Potential

A lot of tank heroes in Mobile Legends are considered as mere initiators in team fights. Most of these heroes tend to have an incredible team fight presence but lack the damage potential. However, there are a few exceptions that can easily solo-kill enemies despite building mostly tank items. These tank heroes in Mobile Legends can also be viable in ranked games, especially in lower ranks where most opponents have no team coordination. This makes the laning phase much easier as these heroes both have sustain and the damage to apply pressure on enemies.

Here are the top five tank heroes in Mobile Legends that also deal a ton of damage.

5 Tank Heroes that can also be deadly damage dealers


Hylos is among the deadliest tank heroes because of his massive sustain that can be a crucial factor in 1v1 or team fights. His passive allows him to gain bonus HP based on his Max Mana, providing a ton of durability in his kit. On top of that, he can also move very fast, allowing him to roam around quickly, opening a lot of potential role placements such as roamer, Jungle, or EXP Lane.


While Gatotkaca is one of the hardest heroes to use in higher ranks due to his predictable combo, he can work really well if you can execute properly. As a tank hero who scales with Magic damage, his abilities can dish out a ton of damage while also providing him with enough healing and defense boost to survive 1v1 situations.


Edith is a very unique tank hero in Mobile Legends. She can switch from durable tank to a marksman with a cast of her Ultimate ability. While in Tank Mode (Phylax), she has a dash and a knock-up ability. If a successful knock up is performed, players can then cast her Ultimate to switch to Marksman Mode and deal a ton of damage as her Defense gets converted to Magic Damage.


While Grock is a hard hero to pull off, especially in higher ranks, his damage and durability is quite strong. This is because he is a tank that can convert Physical Attack into Physical Defense, allowing players to build full damage.


While a lot of players are already tired of seeing Fredrinn in a lot of tier lists, he is indeed one of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends. His ability to taunt enemies and gain a considerable amount of burst damage from his Ultimate the more damage he can tank, makes him deadly.