Top 8 Best FFXIV Mods 2022

Best FFXIV Mods

FFIV, also known as the Final Fantasy XIV is a popular multiplayer game. Game is highly popular and people invest a lot of time in winning the game. Player tries their best to score high and improve their rankings, but sometimes it’s really difficult to achieve such success without some additional help.

Final Fantasy game has a feature that we mods. Mods allow users to play them in a more fun and easy way. Here, you will be backed by the mods and plugins that will help you hunt easily, improve your looks, and also to enjoy the game fully.

Best FFXIV Mods

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We will provide you the list of best ffxiv mods

Let’s find out the best ffxiv mods!

1. Visibility Plugin

Let’s start with visibility! The foremost thing about any game is its visuals. How the graphics are aligned and what is the response? The Visibility plugin doesn’t control the graphics, but it can control the items shown on the screen.

You can remove any element you want, such as pets, chocobos, and even the players. Just remove the elements which annoy you. To use the plugin you have to download the plugin, install and then customize the settings. Visibility Plugin is a useful plugin. You should try.

2. Owls Eyes of Eorzea

Usually the eye can see the according to characters’ age, gender, and other features. This Plugin lets you see the opposite of that. It’s like you see the world from others’ perspectives. The plugin is useful to experience the game from a different view and you will encounter something different.

If you are fond of challenges and the same old mods bore you, then it’s time to add spice to your game. You should try this plugin. It’s amazing and useful, and the plugin will help you understand the game better.

3. Hair Defined

Hair Defined is a Plugin that lets you choose and change the styling of your hair. The plugin comes with multiple options, like you will get to see the various hairstyles for every character. Well, this plugin will work best for you if you are into fashion and good looks. Who doesn’t like good looks?

Everyone like to look good and attractive, then why not follow the same passion in the game? You should start with the Hair defined Plugin. Use the Plugin as a hat-eliminating tactic. Showcase your hair. Download and install the Plugin now.

4. Compass Plugin

The compass plugin is one plugin that helps you keep track of all the latest news and notification. The compass is a bar at the end of the screen. This screen shows all the upcoming quests, NPCs, and important notifications.

The plugin is like a management plugin that will keep you away from all the hustle to remember the quest and the rewards. As soon as you will open the game, you will have the list of the quest. Download and install the plugin. You will thank the creators later for making such an amazing Plugin.

5. Touch of Real

Touch of Real is another look-enhancing tool. The Plugin comes with skin texture elevating features. Download and install the plugin to improve your skin. The plugin comes with a limitation. Real for Man can only improve the Mans’s skin texture. If you want the same plugin for females, we discuss that in later sections.

Touch for Real is amazing Plugin that will help you look good. People who love to work on their skin and their color should install this Plugin. It’s totally for them.

6. Moogle Map

Do you find it difficult to spot the hunt? Do maps confuse you? You don’t have an idea where to look for the hunts? IF you are facing these problems while playing, then it’s time to download the Moogle Plugin. This Plugin will help you to find the hunt as soon as possible. Maps come with features that will show you the real-time position of the animals. You will have an in-hand guide to help with directions and the where to search. The plugin will reduce your searching time. Thus, Moogle Map can be one of the primary plugins everyone should install.

7. Advanced Combat Tracker

Best FFXIV Mods

Advanced Combat Tracker is must have ffxiv mods. As the name suggests, it’s a tracker that tracks all the battles, matches, damages, healing, and the damage soaked.

Mod will help you to manage yourself more effectively. As a player, you can use the data given in here to improve your powers as a player.

One of the most famous quotes says “If you can track something, then the chances of improvements increases”. The Mod lets you track. Now it’s up to you how to use his information for your benefit. Make the best of the Mod by using your analytical skills.

8. Alive Gshade Preset

Alive Gshade Preset is all in one mod that improves the multiple areas. Till now, we discussed the mods which enhance the particular function but this plugin improves the game entirely. Gshade improves the visuals and the graphics. This comes with multiple shading and coloring options, which just makes the entire worth appreciating.

If you are a visual person, then this is the right plugin for you. To use the plugin, simply download and install it. And see the more detailed visuals of the game. It’s a pleasure to see the eye.


As you can see here, there is a variety of mods that work specifically on the particular feature. You can use any of them. You will find a long list of mods but thinking the right mod will change your entire game. Therefore, find the area in which your skills lack, then go for that mod.