Trip Sensor in Call Of Duty Mobile: All You Need to Know

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 (2024) has debuted with new weapons, maps and features including a brand new tactical; the Trip Sensor. Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Season 1: Soldier’s Tale went live on 10th January 2024, taking the new item live with it. The newest tactical is great for gathering information about enemies approaching an area and slowing them down. Here is all you need to know about the Trip Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile. 

Trip Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile

The new tactical item called Trip Sensor will slow down enemies and reveal their location on the map. You can stick it to any surface and it will trigger when enemies come near it. It is a sticky explosive that attaches to surfaces and detonates when enemies get close. When triggered, it will slow enemies down temporarily and reveal enemy positions on the mini-map. 

How to unlock the Trip Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile

Players can unlock the Trip Sensor tactical by grinding the free Battle Pass (BP) tiers till you reach Tier 14 of the Season 1 Battle Pass. You can play multiplayer matches where you’ll earn BP XP based on your performance and also complete seasonal events and challenges to climb the tiers faster. Alternatively, you can purchase BP XP with Credits in the Credit Store or buy the Premium Battle Pass to earn XP faster. 

Once you’ve gathered enough Battle Pass XP, you can equip the Trip Sensor in the Tactical section of your loadout. While in a match, you can deploy the sensor around bottlenecks. If you’re a sniper, you can use it to prevent being snuck up on by placing it at entrances to your sniper’s nest. You can also combine this tactical with perks like Alert which will show you a general location of enemies on the mini-map as they approach.

Other features coming to Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 (2024)

COD Mobile Season 1 also added a new multiplayer map called Atrium. Originally released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the map was designed for the Gunfight mode that was released as part of the Season One update.

The new season features new Seasonal Challenges and Events to earn Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more, including a new Muzzle Attachment for the UL736 Assault Rifle. You can equip the new LW Silencer Barrel for the UL736 to stay under the radar while attacking enemy positions.