Upcoming Mobile Legends Events and Skins Release Dates Leaked

MLBB x Attack on Titan Collaboration Event: How to Get Skins, Free Tokens, and More


The release dates of the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) events have been unveiled by leakers. These events feature various new skins that players can collect through either a draw event or from the in-game shop. Some of the upcoming MLBB events mentioned may also give away a free skin by participating in various activities in the game. The events mentioned will be released in the game throughout the first half of the year 2024. 

Here is the list of upcoming Mobile Legends events and skins release dates and what they offer for players.

Upcoming MLBB Events release dates From January to May 2024

Here are the upcoming events and skins in Mobile Legends, according to the data miners, ;

  • 10th January – Lapu-Lapu “Adlaw’s Chosen” Collector Skin

  • 13th January – Event Phase 2 Premium Supply

  • 15th January – Dawning Stars event rerun

  • 20th January – Dawning Stars event rerun Phase 1 Premium Supply

  • 20th January – Aurora “Aquarius” Zodiac Skin

  • 24th January – Natan “Temporal Vortex” Special Skin 

  • 27th January – Dawning Stars event rerun Phase 2 Premium Supply

  • First week of January or First week of February (TBA) – Lunar Fest skins for Chang’e Sun, Lolita, Aurora and Odette, Lou YI, and Zilong

  • 31st January – (AoT) collaboration event

  • February 2024 (TBA) – Yve Starlight Skin

  • First Week of February (TBA) – Valentine’s Skins for Clint, Layla, Alucard, Miya, Fanny, and Claude

  • First Week of February (TBA) – New Valentine’s Skins for Silvanna and Granger

  • 10th February – MLBB x AoT collaboration event Phase 1 Premium Supply

  • 21st February – Lancelot  “Pices” Zodiac Skin

  • 24th February –  MLBB x AoT collaboration event Phase 2 Premium Supply

  • Mid-February (TBA) – featuring skins for Lesley and Chang’e

  • Early March (TBA) – The Exorcist event featuring new skins for Granger and Hayabusa

  • Sometime in March or April (TBA) – The Aspirants Rerun

  • Sometime in April or May (TBA) – All Star event featuring skins for Melissa, Faramis, Fredrinn, and Esmeralda

Players should keep in mind that some of the upcoming MLBB events release dates are yet to be confirmed by Moonton and should be taken with a grain of salt. 


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