What Are Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile?

What Are Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile?

Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile are part of the Elite Mission in Season 11 – Siren Song. The Elite Mission this time around is for a Kurohana Crate. Completing the requirements for the Elite Mission will make you eligible to unlock the free Legendary DR-H — KUROHANA-68 Weapon Blueprint. Legendary Medals help you complete the Elite Mission to unlock the Legendary blueprint. Here is all you need to know about  Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile. 

Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile

The Elite Mission: Kurohana Crate was launched as part of Season 11 – Siren Song, which went live on 6th December 2023. To complete the Elite Mission, players need to collect a total of six Legendary Medals and four Confidential Tokens. 

You can earn Legendary Medals in Call of Duty Mobile by climbing to the Legendary Rank in Multiplayer or Battle Royale. To earn the four Confidential Tokens by unlocking Kurohana Corporation’s Documents. These tokens can be exchanged for the Final Reward of of the Year 2023. 

Players can pick up two more tokens by reaching legendary this ranked season (Season 6) and unlock the Kurohana crate. In case, they have less than 4 legendary medals they can save in future crates as leakers have hinted there are more free legendaries on the way. 

The highest rank in the game is Legendary, which requires 8,001+ points. These points are distributed based on a player’s wins, losses, and overall match performance. 

All requirements to unlock the Kurohana Crate in Call of Duty Mobile

To unlock the Kurohana crate, players need to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach legendary rank in both Multiplayer (MP) and Battle Royale (BR) modes.

  • Earn 6 ranked medals and 4 confidential tokens in total, with 1 medal for each time you reach legendary rank in MP or BR.

  • Reach the top 5000 leaderboard in either MP or BR.

  • Complete missions to earn tokens.

Bonus XP for climbing ranked to unlock Legendary Medals in CODM

Players will need to climb the ranks to earn the Legendary Medals needed for the crate. There are a few ways to earn extra XP in the game to help players rank up more quickly. 

  • Multi-Select Bonus: You can get more XP by selecting more modes in multiplayer mode. 

  • Daily First Win Bonus: You can receive bonus XP with the first win of the day. This bonus changes every day.

  • Friend Bonus: Players will also receive an extra 5% bonus when playing ranked with friends. 

You can also use a Ranked Shield Card to stop the deduction of Rank XP. 

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