Who Is Big Brother Esports?

Big Brother Esports is one of the newly introduced Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Esports organizations in India. The organization also had a Free Fire roster and PUBG Mobile New State roster under its banner.

Although the organization has been fielding a BGMI roster since the launch of the game in 2021 it is new compared to other veteran organizations. It has had several young esports athletes representing them over the years and some of them have also made a name for themselves through outstanding performances in official events. 

The Big Brother Esports BGMI team has shown significant improvement in recent events and is placed fourth in the .

Big Brother Esports Summary

Big Brother Esports has fielded a BGMI roster since 2021 with different players representing them over a period of time. The organization is known for supporting and providing opportunities to aspiring young athletes. It first made its mark in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2022 event where it secured the 7th spot in the overall standings of the Grand Finals.

The Big Brother Esports BGMI roster: 

The above-mentioned roster is currently playing BMPS 2023 and has had decent performances in its five matches so far. Big Brother Esports’ best performance was in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 event where it placed second in the LAN Grand Finals. The squad was the frontrunner in the Grand Finals for the majority of the event but its performance saw a dip in the final few matches where it slipped to second place and missed out on the championship by just 9 points. The Big Brother Esports squad has shown potential through its performances in various events but has not been able to maintain consistency.

Big Brother Esports’ BGMI roster has not been able to win any major events recently, but because of its consistent performance across various official and third party events it is ranked fourth in the