5 Best Tips and Tricks to Rank up Fast in BGMI

5 Best Tips and Tricks to Rank up Fast in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various ranks. Each rank represents the skill and ability of the player. Bronze, Silver and Gold are the initial ranks where mostly beginner players exist and Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator and Conqueror are the ranks where highly skilled players exist.

Generally players in BGMI want to achieve certain ranks in order to show how skilled they are. In this article we will see some tips and tricks in order to achieve higher ranks such as Ace and Ace Master at a fast pace.

How to rank up fast in BGMI?

Every rank in BGMI till Ace consists of 100 points. Each match in BGMI offers a certain number of points depending on the number of finishes and position secured in the match. Following the tips given below will help players achieve the maximum number of points. 

These are some of tips you can follow to rank up fast in BGMI:

  • Players need to master certain weapons in order to achieve a maximum number of finishes. AKM and UMP45 are among the best close range weapons and can be mastered with practice. For mid and close range battles players will need either a M416 or Scar-L. These 5.56mm weapons can be easily mastered by anyone. Their recoil and spray pattern are easily manageable with good attachments and can be used to secure long range finishes.

  • Choose a drop location which has a less number of enemies. Choosing a hot drop location can be dangerous as it can lead to an early elimination and players will lose rank points. Primorsk, Farm, Mylta and Severny are some of the safe drop spots where players will find little to no enemies. Avoid places such as Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki and Georgopol Containers and Georgopol city which has a high number of teams. 

  • Play with the same squad or teammates for a maximum number of matches. When you are playing with the same team for a long time it helps build coordination among the players. It can help you win fights and survive long without losing any players. 

  • Maps such as Erangel provide a lot of cover such as ridges and compounds. Using such cover to your strategic advantage will help you achieve the ultimate goal of a chicken dinner. Taking cover and surprising your enemies at the right moment will give you an advantage and help you win any fight. 

  • Players should collect and keep as many utilities as possible. Frag Grenades and Smoke Grenades are some of the most important utilities. The use of utilities may not seem important in the lower ranks but as players progress through and reach higher ranks such as Diamond, Ace and above, utilities such as smoke grenades play an important role to hide from your enemies in the final circles.

It is important to note that having basic knowledge of the game and game sense is an advantage and can help players progress through the lower ranks quickly. But achieving higher ranks such as Ace Master, Ace Dominator and Conqueror is the most difficult and requires a lot of practice.

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