Best Heroes for Every Role in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30

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Figuring out the best heroes to use for every role in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30 can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, choosing the right heroes for each role is paramount. In this article, we’ll delve into the dynamic world of Mobile Legends and unveil the top hero picks for every role, from tanks to marksmen and everything in between. The list of the best heroes to use for every role in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30 will also tackle their advantages and why they are at the top of the meta. 

The best heroes to use in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30

Fanny – Jungle

With great mobility and damage, comes insanely high skill requirements. Despite being one of the hardest heroes to master in Mobile Legends, Fanny remains one of the strongest assassin heroes in the game. However, players should remember that she struggles hard when pinned down by crowd-control-focused heroes like Minotaur, Khufra, and Atlas.

Uranus – EXP Lane or Jungle

Uranus is a damage sponge with a massive health regeneration and movement speed buff in its kit. When paired with utility heroes like Mathilda, Rafaela, Floryn, or Angela, this tank hero becomes near immortal.

Gord – Mid Lane

With the recent buff, Gord easily reached the top of the meta due to his insane true damage burst and long-range abilities. Make sure you have a reliable tank or healer to back you up as he can easily get taken down by assassins.

Angela – Roamer or Mid Lane

There are two reasons why Angela is currently at the top of the meta. The first one is because of the recent resurgence of assassin heroes like Ling and Fanny. The second one is due to the new item Flask of the Oasis. Make sure to prioritize buying this item on Angela to keep your allies alive during a teamfight.

Bruno – Marksman

Bruno’s mobility and wave clearing as a marksman is exceptional in the current meta. However, he is not necessarily a team-fighting hero. Players who pick Bruno should consider if they can split push lanes and give more pressure to enemies or join team fights or objective takedowns.

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