5 Gold Lane Heroes With the Highest Win Rate in M5 World Championship

Compared to other roles, the Gold Lane hero picks are among the most consistent during the M5 World Championship. A lot of matches focused on contesting which side can pick a meta marksman hero first or simply ban it from the match. As the main carry of the team, the Gold Lane requires a mix of high mobility and damage. This means heroes who can move fast or deal burst damage are the popular picks for that lane. 

Here is a list of the top 5 Gold Lane heroes with the highest win rate in M5 World Championship. The list is based on .

Top 5 Highest Win Rate Gold Lane Heroes in M5 World Championship

Bruno – 55.95% Win Rate (80 times picked)

This hero is the highly contested pick in the M5 World Championship. Bruno has the potential to split-push an unguarded lane. He is also quite powerful during teamfights and can easily take down enemies as long as he is not behind in itemization. 

Claude – 48.28% Win Rate (58 times picked)

A long-range teleport ability from his Ultimate: Blazing Duet is a huge advantage for Claude. Players can take great risks by jumping into turrets or in the middle of a team fight as long as they can teleport at the right time before they die.

With decent support that can keep you alive in crucial situations, Claude can be a devastating hero on the battlefield.

Brody – 42.59% Win Rate (54 times picked)

What Brody lacks in attack speed, he makes up with massive burst damage and crowd control. He is one of the marksman heroes with the slowest attack animations but it is compensated with a mechanic that allows him to one-shot his opponents with his Ultimate: Torn-Apart Memory. 

Brody can also move while attacking enemies which is a huge advantage when trading attacks and dodging skillshots.

Wanwan – 59.38% Win Rate (32 times picked)

Wanwan has been at the top of the meta for quite some time. However, due to her being highly contested, she actually has a massive 73% Ban Rate. This explains why she has a lower pick rate than the other marksman heroes on the list.

Wanwan possesses almost everything that a marksman needs in Mobile Legends. A passive dash ability, an Ultimate ability that makes her untargetable, and damage that can potentially wipe out an entire team.

Beatrix – 48.15% Win Rate (27 times picked)

Beatrix is one of the most flexible marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. This is all thanks to her wide arsenal of weapons that change her gameplay. However, she is a Jack of all trades but a master of none. This is why other heroes like Claude and Bruno are more popular than her in the meta.

Nonetheless, teams who are looking to have a Gold Lane, that can adjust to various situations, choose Beatirx as a safe pick.