5 Mid Lane Heroes That Can Solo Carry in ML Ranked Season 31

5 Mid Lane Heroes That Can Solo Carry in ML Ranked Season 31


Mid Lane heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) hold an important role in the game as they are stationed in the middle of the map, tasked at providing support on both sidelines when needed. Communication and synergy can be very hard to pull off when playing with random players. This is why it is important to know some Mid Lane heroes that can solo carry in ML Ranked Season 31. These heroes can mostly survive all by themselves while others are capable of moving fast or providing Crowd Control effects during team fights.

To help players, here are 5 Mid Lane heroes that can solo carry in ML Ranked Season 31

Top 5 OP Mid Lane heroes in ML for solo ranked games in Season 31

While a lot of players often use Alice as a Jungler, she is quite strong as a Mid Laner too. Her very high sustain abilities allow her to survive ambushes without having to recall just to recover health. She can also be quite tanky in team fights while also dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies, making her one of the Mid Lane heroes that can solo carry in ML in Ranked Season 31.

One of her weaknesses is that she can be quite predictable and can be easily countered with items like the Sea Halberd or heroes like Baxia that can reduce healing and shield effects. 

Vale is one of the heroes that is easy to use. His burst damage is also something to be wary of as he can easily one-shot heroes if they are knocked up with his Windblow skill. Vale’s Windtalk passive also provides a massive movement speed boost at maximum stacks, allowing him to roam around the map more quickly than most Mid Laners in the game.

Lylia can easily zone out enemies and leave them vulnerable to ambushes or deadly pokes. Her Ultimate ability also allows players to perform high-risk plays as she can easily regain her HP and reposition in a safe spot. This is why she is one of the .

One thing to note when using Lylia is that her skill requirement is high and will require players to invest time and effort to master her combo.

While Nana used to be only effective below Epic rank, her recent adjustments allowed her to be more viable in higher ranks. Her Molina Smooch skill now instantly transforms enemies in a target area, making it harder to dodge. This adjustment, coupled with her insanely high burst damage, allows her to solo carry in ML in Ranked Season 31 where a lot of meta heroes are boasting high mobility.

With the recent changes, Lunox has turned into a decent Mid Lane and Jungle hero. Her wave clearing is now faster, allowing more opportunities to focus on roaming or zoning out enemies in team fights. She also possesses decent sustain with her Starlight Pulse skill that can regenerate HP. 

Her Ultimate ability is also one of the most useful skills in the game as it provides immunity to damage for a short duration while also damaging enemies nearby.

Players should keep in mind that the list of 5 Mid Lane heroes that can solo carry in ML Ranked Season 31 only feature heroes that can still be useful and powerful despite the lack of teamwork. There are other heroes who are not on the list that can perform better if you are playing with proper communication and synergy.


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