BGMI A4 Royale Pass Is Here: Check Rewards, Price and More

BGMI A4 Royale Pass Is Here: Check Rewards, Price and More

After much anticipation from the fans and players, the A4 Royale Pass in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has finally arrived with some exciting rewards. The new Royale Pass will follow the same trend as the last one and is going to offer a one of kind upgradable DBS skin which can be availed at Rank 50 of the A4 Royale Pass. The Royale Pass is based on the winter theme and also bears several winter themed rewards like vehicle and weapon skins.

BGMI A4 Royale Pass rewards detailed

The A4 Royale Pass is based on the Snowfall Supreme theme. The Royale Pass will have levels going up to level 100 and can be bought in two variants: normal Royale Pass and the Elite Royale Pass versions. Players can complete missions and grab the rewards from the Royale Pass. You can get the basic free rewards or can get the premium rewards by purchasing the Royale Pass. The A4 Royale Pass was introduced on 15th January and will conclude on 4th March 2024. Players who are looking to buy the Royale Pass will have to complete it within this time period.

  • Rank 1 – Beary Fluffy set.

  • Rank 2 – Modification Material Piece. 

  • Rank 10 – Droopy Ears Skorpion.

  • Rank 15 – Panthera Prime Plane.

  • Rank 20 – Neuro Dynamo Helmet.

  • Rank 25 – Panthera Prime Parachute.

  • Rank 30 – Origami Drake MP5K.

  • Rank 35 – Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 40 – Cryptic Hunter Set and Cover.

  • Rank 45 – Biowave Trekker Cover.

  • Rank 50 – Panthera Prime DBS (Level 1. Can be upgraded to get the elimination broadcast effect).

BGMI A4 Royale Pass price?

The A4 Royale Pass will be available in two varieties. Players can either choose a monthly version that unlocks levels 1-50 in the first month and levels 51-100 in the second, or they can buy the Royale Pass as a whole for Unknown Cash (UC). The monthly edition of the Royale Pass costs 360 UC, while purchasing the entire Royale Pass at once costs 720 UC. There is one more Royale Pass variant known as Elite Pass. The monthly edition of the Elite Pass costs 960 UC, while purchasing the Elite Pass for months one and two costs 1920 UC.

The players purchasing the Royale Pass will also get a rebate of 720 UC from the Royale Pass itself. Purchasing the Royale Pass till Rank 50 will grant a rebate of 320 UC and purchasing it as a whole will grant a rebate of 720 UC. Players will have to complete missions in order to get the rewards from the Royale Pass.

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