AP.Bren Releases Coach Vren From Its MLBB Roster

AP.Bren Releases Coach Vren From Its MLBB Roster


AP.Bren has officially confirmed the departure of their coach, Vrendon “Vrendon Lin” Pesebre. Renowned as a pivotal figure, Coach Vren played a crucial role in guiding the team to clinch the coveted M5 World Championship title following a relentless battle against Indonesia’s finest, ONIC Esports. The announcement came amid swirling speculations pf Coach Vren being in talks to join an overseas team. As of now, the destination of this esteemed coach for the upcoming season remains unconfirmed, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the revelation of which team will secure the esteemed coach.

AP.Bren bid farewell to Coach Vren

Through a Facebook post, AP.Bren, the crowned champion of the M5 World Championship, announced the release of its esteemed coach Vren. 

“Coach Vren became an integral part of our success in 2023. His dedication and leadership were key to our growth as a team. His unwavering belief in our players pushed them beyond their limits to become a better version of themselves,” captioned the post.

AP.Bren also thanked the coach for his contribution to the team despite his short stay under the squad and wished him luck on his next journey.

“Thank you, Coach Vren! The future may hold new paths, but we’re grateful to be one of your stopovers as you continue to achieve greater things in your career. Go conquer the world!” AP.Bren wrote. 

Is Coach Vren joining RRQ Indonesia?

Rumors about Coach Vren’s next journey in the MLBB esports scene are sprouting ongoing discussions in the community. Blacklist International’s iconic coach, previously shared how one “rising coach is joining a popular team in Indo[nesia].”

He later confirmed that he was referring to Coach Vren but did not disclose which Indonesian team he may be joining next.

Rumors are circulating that Coach Vren might be making a move to join RRQ Indonesia. The anticipation grows as RRQ has not yet disclosed its roster, intending to unveil it on 11th January, 2024, at 11:00 PM (PHT) or 10:00 PM (WIB). Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the grand reveal to confirm if Coach Vren shall truly join the renowned King of Kings.


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