PUBG Mobile 3.0 Tips and Tricks to Utilize the New Features and Abilities

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Tips and Tricks to Utilize the New Features and Abilities

The much-anticipated PUBG Mobile 3.0 – Shadow Force update is finally here, bringing with it a slew of game-changing new features. From a familiar yet new skill to whole new ways to respawn back into the battle royale, this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the key new 3.0 elements to step up your game.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Tips & Tricks

Activate the Shadow Blade for Surprise Melee Kills

The Shadow Blade is one of the coolest new skills added in the update. This can be found in designated shadow force buildings across Erangel and Livik in locations such as the Prison or Yasnaya Polyana. Look for the “Shadow Blade” icon on the map and interact with it to unlock the ability.

Once unlocked, you can activate the Shadow Blade skill whenever needed during a match. Your character will go invisible for a few seconds and dash forward – perfect for surprise melee takedowns on unsuspecting enemies. Time the invisibility and fast movement carefully to inflict some serious damage. Practice makes perfect with the Shadow Blade!

Respawn Back into the Fight

PUBG Mobile 3.0 introduces respawn battles for eliminated players. After getting killed, you’ll automatically be transferred to special isolated arenas at regular intervals to fight random weapon battles. Survive here and respawn points activate, allowing you to rejoin the main match with gear brought from the respawn clash.

Make the most of this new comeback mechanism – fight hard in those second chance battles to keep your chicken dinner hopes alive! You can resurrect twice per match maximum, so use those redeployments judiciously.

Grapple Up Buildings with Skyline Ascenders

Also showing up in set spots on Erangel and Livik is the Skyline Ascender. These tactically placed ropes allow you to rapidly scale buildings and gain height. Look for the icon again to find ascenders, then simply approach one and tap the “use” button to be pulled up instantly.

You can take the quick high ground to snipe other players who don’t expect threats from above. The ascenders penetrate all floors of buildings too – so you can grapple all the way to the roof for an unrivaled vantage point. Remember you only cling to the rope briefly though, so make your next move fast.

Create Clones to Scout and Confuse Enemies

Among the most game-changing 3.0 additions is the Prox Scout gadget. Available sporadically as rare loot, this device lets you generate a clone or duplicate of your player. Activating it produces a tablet in hand – throw this tablet to spawn your clone.

The possibilities with this clone scout are endless. You can send it running out to draw enemy fire and give away their locations, while you stay safely hidden. The clone can also simply run out to scout buildings and loot crates so you don’t face those risks. Bear in mind the clone cannot actually attack, but opponents will waste ammo trying to shoot it down.

Be sure to use that tablet vantage point too – it provides the clone’s point of view so you can effectively look through its eyes from afar and gain intel. Overall, mastering the Prox Scout clone is an incredibly powerful new technique for deception and strategy.

Unlock Secret Vault Rooms for Premium Loot

Across battle royale maps you may now find closed off vault rooms, with crates out front covered by locks. To crack into these troves of epic loot, you first need to locate keys hidden inside some open warehouses.

Specifically look for the red glowing ropes inside opened warehouses, and use your knife to cut them. This will make certain locked crates outside turn blue – indication that the vault rooms they secure can be unlocked.

Within the unlocked rooms, you’ll discover Level 3 vests, adrenaline syringes, rare weapons like the AWM sniper rifle, and other top-tier gear. With this new vault dynamic, it really pays to explore the map thoroughly building by building to find keys granting access to the very best equipment.

A deeper understanding of these new features and knowing the best applications are definitely going to give you an edge the next time you load into the battle royale. In the meantime, you can also check out more of our BGMI and PUBG Mobile Guides from here.

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