AP.Bren vs ONIC Esports M5 Grand Finals: Head to Head, Where to Watch, and More

In the quest for the coveted M5 World Championship title, the journey has reached its climax, unveiling the two triumphant teams set to vie for glory. Following weeks laden with intense clashes, unexpected Cinderella runs, and dashed aspirations, ONIC Esports and AP.Bren stand as the finalists poised to compete in the pinnacle showdown for this year’s championship.

The stage was set for a dramatic face-off during the Upper Bracket Finals at the M5 World Championship, and the clash between ONIC Esports and AP.Bren lived up to its highly anticipated status. In a stunning turn of events, ONIC Esports orchestrated a monumental upset, sweeping AP.Bren with a commanding 3-0 scoreline.

Undeterred, AP.Bren found themselves relegated to the Lower Bracket Finals, where they faced and conquered their compatriots, Blacklist International. This victory propelled them back into contention, setting the stage for a final encounter with ONIC Esports to determine the worthy holder of this year’s championship title.

Here’s all you need to know about the grand finals match between ONIC Esports and AP.Bren in the M5 World Championship including head-to-head record, stream details and more.

Reclaiming the Title vs Grand Slam Dream, The Finale: ONIC Esports Takes on AP.Bren

ONIC Esports is one step away from taking the first-ever Grand Slam achievement for a team in MLBB esports. The team that stands in its way is AP.Bren who just came back from being knocked down from the Upper Bracket Finals. 

Fans are excited to witness the pinnacle match of this year’s Mobile Legends esports. Both teams are aiming to reach a massive milestone. ONIC Esports is vying for a Golden Road by winning one last major event before closing the year 2023. 

Bren Esports, on the other hand, is aiming to win its second M-Series run in the M5 World Championship.

All in all, the Grand Finals matchup shall be a sight to behold on 17th December.

ONIC Esports vs AP.Bren: Head-to-Head Record in 2023

In 2023, the previous occasion where AP.Bren and ONIC Esports met each other during the Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3 SEA – Challenge Finals, the two powerhouse teams went head-to-head in the Upper Bracket Final where the Indonesian team had the upper hand and scored a  3-2 victory.

In the M5 World Championship, ONIC Esports was able to easily sweep AP.Bren in the Upper Bracket Finals but was able to rise back and scored the second Grand Finals slot in the tournament, forcing a fated rematch.

ONIC Esports vs Bren Esports Rosters for M5 World Championship Grand Finals

It will be interesting to see if fans will witness ONIC Esports breaking the long-running world series win streak of PH teams in the M5 World Championship or if will AP.Bren continue the legacy and takes home a second world championship trophy while they’re at it.

Where to watch the M5 World Championship Grand Finals

The match between AP.Bren and ONIC Esports is set to kick off on 17th December at 5:30 PM (PHT)

The match will be broadcasted live on the following streaming platforms;