Best S1897 Loadout For BGMI: Complete Attachment Setup

Among the array of firearms in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the S1897 stands out as a particularly lethal choice for close-quarter combat. The S1897 is a pump-action shotgun that uses 12 Gauge ammunition, distinguishing itself from other shotguns with its reduced recoil and reload time. This allows players to swiftly land consecutive shots, crucial in the heat of battle.

BGMI features a variety of shotguns such as the DBS (Double Barreled Shotgun), S686, S12K, S1897, and M1014, each spread out across the game’s diverse maps. In close-range confrontations, shotguns reign supreme due to their powerful one-shot capability, becoming a pivotal weapon choice for professionals.

What is the best attachment setup for S1897 Shotgun

For those opting for the S1897, understanding its attachment options is paramount. This shotgun can be equipped with two attachments: a muzzle and a stock.

  • Muzzle – Duckbill.

  • Stock – Bullet Loop.

The Duckbill Muzzle attachment is used to reduce the bullet spread. It allows players to deal damage in a particular area and its range also increases slightly.

The Bullet Loop Stock attachment reduces the reload time of the weapon. This attachment is useful while taking close combat fights as players can shoot multiple shots in quick time.

These are some of the stats of S1897 in BGMI:

When compared to other shotguns in BGMI, the S1897 has its limitations, particularly in magazine size. For instance, the S12K and DBS have a more generous capacity, holding up to 10 and 14 bullets respectively, which can offer increased reliability in combat.

Precision is the cornerstone of success with any shotgun. Players aiming to master the S1897 should spend time in the Training ground, honing their skills and understanding the weapon’s dynamics. While instinct may drive one to aim for headshots, given their heightened damage, it’s more strategic to target the chest with shotguns. This approach ensures players can inflict the maximum damage, giving them the upper hand in BGMI’s intense firefights.