Best Vector Loadout for BGMI : Complete Attachment Setup

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers some of the best weapons for players to use in the game. Weapons such as UZI, Vector, UMP45, Mp5k, Thompson (Tommy Gun) and PP-19 Bizon are some of the best SubMachine Guns (SMGs) and serve as good alternatives for some of the Assault Rifles (ARs).

Best Vector loadout for BGMI

The Vector is one of the most powerful close range weapons in the game. Players who are tired of using the regular SMGs such as UMP45 and Thompson should consider using the Vector. The weapon when used with the right attachments can be as dangerous as any SMG or AR. In this article we will learn about the Vector and why it is a good replacement for some of the ARs and SMGs.

These are the best attachments for Vector:

The Muzzle and Sight attachments for the Vector are basic and similar to what other SMGs use. The Tactical Stock attachment will provide stability while shooting in close range and the Light Grip attachment helps to maintain precision and stability while moving and shooting which can be crucial in clutch situations. The most important attachment is the Magazine as the basic magazine of the Vector holds only 19 bullets, so players will require the Extended Quickdraw Magazine attachment to increase its capacity which holds 33 bullets and also increases its reload speed.

These are some of the stats of the Vector:

The damage of the Vector when compared to other SMGs is quite low and it falls behind in terms of the time it takes to finish an opponent but its fire rate compensates for it. The reload speed is also fast which makes it a dangerous weapon in close range as players can reload the weapon and take back to back fights.

Players who are on the lookout for new challenges can use the Vector. Its damage reduces in mid range battles and it also has a significant bullet drop. But when paired with the M416 or Scar – L, it becomes a dangerous combo.