BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 3 Recap: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More

BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 3 Recap: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More


The Semi Finals of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 has been dominated by underdog teams like CS Esports, MICI Esports, GlitchxReborn and TWM Gaming. Several experienced teams like Numen Gaming, Enigma Gaming and Team Soul have struggled to find momentum and are placed at the bottom half of the points table.

Day 3 saw teams like Revenant Esports, CS Esports and Medal Eports dominate the day. Seasoned teams like Team Soul, Numen Gaming and Enigma Gaming showed sub par performances and were unable to make a comeback.

BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 3 Match Summary

Match 1 Erangel (Groups A vs C): Medal Esports continued its good run and grabbed the first chicken dinner of the day with 19 points. Team Insane was placed second with 18 points. CS Esports and WSB Gaming continued their momentum from Day 2 and grabbed 15 points each. Numen Gaming and Gladiator Esports were eliminated early with 2 points each.

Match 2 Miramar (C vs D): Growing String grabbed a massive 25 point chicken dinner. Team Systumm made a comeback and secured 21 points. Team Empire showed good rotations and got 15 points. TWM Gaming was able to hold the zone and had good positioning which helped them get 14 points 10 of which were placement points. CS Esports again had a good match and secured 11 points.

Match 3 Sanhok (B vs D): Bloodrose Esports was placed at the bottom of the points table but it made a comeback to secure a 26 point chicken dinner. OR Esports also made a comeback and grabbed 23 points. Team X Spark and GlitchxReborn secured 14 and 13 points respectively. Marcos Gaming was eliminated early without a point.

Match 4 Vikendi (B vs C): Team X Spark dominated the map of Vikendi and secured a 26 point chicken dinner. Blind Esports had a good mix of placement and finish points and got 16 points. Midwave Esports and Numen Gaming made a comeback and secured 14 and 13 points. Team Insane was able to grab 9 points 8 of which came through finish points.

Match 5 Miramar (A vs B): MICI Esports made a comeback on the map of Miramar and secured a massive 28 point chicken dinner. Gladiator Esports continued its momentum and got 20 points. Lucknow giants showed good rotations and teamwork and secured 13 points. Big Brother Esports was able to get 11 points. Team Soul and Team X Spark were eliminated early with only a single point each.

Match 6 Erangel (A vs D): Revenant Esports who did not have a good Day 2 made a comeback in the last match of Day 3 and secured a massive 32 point chicken dinner. Harshit “MJ” Mahajan and Nishant “Apollo” were the star performers for Revenant Esports as both of them secured 5 finishes each. Medal Esports and Gods Reign was placed second and third with 13 points each. Growing Strong continued its momentum and secured 13 points. OR Esports was eliminated early with 2 points. TWM Gamings Destiny was the star performer of the match as he secured 7 solo finishes.

Overall the penultimate day of the Semi Finals was again dominated by underdog teams. Experienced teams like Team Soul, Numen Gaming, Enigma Gaming and OR Esports showed hope of a comeback but are still on the verge of elimination from the event.


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