MK9: All You Need to Know About the Upcoming LMG in COD Mobile

MK9: All You Need to Know About the Upcoming LMG in COD Mobile


MK9, a light machine gun is set to make its official debut during the upcoming anniversary celebration. For those traversing various fps landscapes, the MK9 might seem familiar as the M249, a weapon known for its firepower in games like PUBG Mobile. This cross-game connection adds an extra layer of excitement for players who have experienced the might of this light machine gun elsewhere.

Stats and Firepower: Analyzing the MK9’s Arsenal

Breaking down the stats of the MK9, its damage profile stands at 31/28/22, presenting a formidable force on the battlefield. Notably, it boasts a headshot multiplier of 1.5, a feature that can be a game-changer in intense firefights. With magazine options ranging from the standard 100 rounds to the hefty 200-round drum mags and the more nimble 60-round mags, players have diverse choices to suit their preferences.

Rate of Fire and Range: Understanding the MK9’s Strengths

As a light machine gun, the MK9 features a rate of fire of 752 rounds per minute, placing it in the company of heavy-hitters like the PKM and the Holger 26. Its three-shot kill range extends up to 40 meters, providing considerable stopping power. Additionally, the MK9 exhibits commendable hip-fire accuracy, surpassing the PKM but falling slightly short of the Holger 26.

Recoil and Mobility

In the chaos of battle, managing the MK9 is surprisingly feasible. The weapon primarily exhibits vertical recoil, offering players better control over their aim. This characteristic distinguishes it from other guns in the game. However, it’s essential to note the slower sprintout time, making it less suitable for quick-draw scenarios.

Attachments and Tactical Choices for MK9

The MK9’s reload time might seem daunting at 7.7 seconds, but players can halve it by opting for the 60-round mag. Those seeking even faster reloads can consider the use of the Lightweight perk. Despite its potential as a versatile weapon, the MK9 falls short of being a competitive assault rifle due to its sluggish ADS time with the 60-round mag.

Verdict: Is the MK9 Your Weapon of Choice?

With the MK9’s legendary skin potentially arriving with a 50% anniversary discount, players are deliberating whether it’s a worthy investment. For aficionados of light machine guns, this legendary weapon promises a thrilling experience. However, for those seeking an all-around assault rifle alternative, the MK9 may leave them wanting. Ultimately, it’s a specialized tool for those who master the art of light machine gun gameplay, making it a niche choice in the diverse arsenal of COD: Mobile.


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