BGMI Best Thompson SMG Loadout

BGMI Best Thompson SMG Loadout


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has some of the best Sub Machine Guns (SMG) in the game. Thompson, UZI, UMP45, Vector, PP-19 Bizon, P90 and MP5k are the SMGs in the game. Some of these weapons are map specific such as the MP5k can only be found on the map of Vikendi and the P90 on the map of Livik. SMG weapons are generally used in close to mid range combat. 

The Thompson SMG (Tommy Gun) or the UMP45 are among the best SMG weapons to use in close range combat. Their fire rate and magazine capacity allow players to clutch out of any situation.

What is the best loadout for Thompson SMG? 

In this article we will learn about what is the best loadout for the Thompson SMG. SMG’s generally have a lower recoil than most of the Assault Rifles (AR’s) which makes them the easiest weapons to master. Thompson can be found on any map across BGMI with the regular loot. The Thompson uses .45 ACP ammunition so it does more damage in comparison to other SMGs such as the UZI or the Vector, which use 9mm bullets.

These are some of the best attachments for the Thompson:

The most important attachment in the Thompson is the foregrip and the magazine. The vertical foregrip allows it to reduce its recoil significantly and makes the weapon stable which indirectly helps to spray in mid range battles. The Extended Quick Draw Magazine not only increases the magazine capacity from 30 to 50 bullets but also reduces the reload time. 

These are some of the stats of Thompson:

  • Damage – 40 HP (Hit Points).

  • Fire Rate – 60.

  • Magazine Size – 30 (without extended magazine).

  • Stability – 48 (without foregrip).

  • Firing Mode – Auto and Single Tap.

  • Reload Time – 3.45s.

  • Ammunition – .45 ACP.

With the attachments provided above even beginner players can master the Thompson with ease. Using the Thompson in close range is recommended as its large magazine size and high fire rate allows players to win any firefight. Although SMGs are easier to master compared to Assault Rifles, It is advised that beginners practice with the weapon and its attachments.


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