BGMI New Year Exchange Center: Rewards, How To Exchange Party Poppers

The ongoing 2.9 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has introduced several winter-themed rewards and game updates, playable in classic mode matches. Additionally, it features various exciting rewards through different exchange center events, including the recent New Year Exchange Center event, which offers some permanent rewards.

BGMI New Year Exchange Center event detailed

The New Year Exchange Center event in BGMI presents a variety of rewards, such as weapon skins and character costumes. Players can acquire these rewards by participating in classic mode matches, completing event missions, and gathering Party Poppers. These Party Poppers are then used to redeem character costumes and weapon skins from the exchange center section.

The event commenced on January 1st and concludes on January 24th, alongside the 2.9 update.

How to get Party Poppers?

Players need Party Poppers to redeem these rewards, collectable by completing daily missions within sub-events. It’s crucial to complete all missions to gather as many Party Poppers as possible for redeeming the maximum number of rewards. The event comprises three parts: The Damage Guy, Play with Friends, and Survival Spirit.

  • Deal 300 Damage in Classic mode and get 10 Party Poppers.

  • Deal 1000 Damage in Classic mode and get 30 Party Poppers.

  • Deal 5000 Damage in Classic mode and get 50 Party Poppers.

To maximize Party Popper collection, players must consistently complete these daily missions. This allows for the accumulation of Party Poppers, which can be exchanged for exclusive in-game items like free character costumes, weapon skins, and scrap coupons, valuable for redeeming rewards from Classic or Supply Crates.