BGMI Sanhok: Top 5 Landing Spots for the Best Loot

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in India. The game attracts thousands of new gamers each day. Players who enjoy fast paced matches are familiar with the map of Sanhok. But if players are confused as to which are the best loot spots on the map this article will help you with locations which have enough loot for you and your teammates.

What are the top 5 landing spots in Sanhok for the best loot

BGMI has several maps in its library which include Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik, Karakin and Nusa. The Sanhok map in BGMI is one of the few maps which provides players with back to back action packed matches. This map is for the players who enjoy fast paced matches. For players to have advantage in the map of Sanhok they should know the best landing spots which provide enough loot to take fights.

Here are the top 5 landing spots in Sanhok which provide the best loot:

Bootcamp: Bootcamp is the most popular landing spot in Sanhok. The spot has enough loot for over five teams. The place has various building-like structures and each one has various kinds of weapons, helmets, vests and throwables. The only downside of Bootcamp is that it is a hot drop spot and players can expect up to seven to eight teams at the location. Players who have mastered various aspects of the game such as sound sense, weapon mastery and know every corner of Bootcamp should prefer this spot.

Pai Nan: Pai Nan is located in the center of the map. This drop location has various building-like structures and huts which provide almost three times the loot. The drop location is divided by a river and is a favorite landing spot for players who enjoy a slow paced game.

Paradise Resort: As the name suggests the Paradise Resort is a big building structure which has various rooms and uneven structures. The location provides enough loot for three to four teams and players landing at this spot should be ready to take a fight as soon as they drop.

Docks: The Docks are located in the bottom right corner of the map. Players who wish to avoid fights and are also looking for a good amount of loot should prefer to drop on the Docks. The location provides enough weapons, healing supplies, throwables and protection gear.

Ruins: Ruins is located on the bottom island of Sanhok and is close to Pai Nan. The location is an ancient site and has various small structures accompanying the large temple-like building. Players will find various kinds of weapons and supplies enough for one team. This location is also for players who wish to avoid early fights.

Sanhok in general is a fast paced map and is a favorite for players who like to take back to back fights. Beginners who wish to play Sanhok should drop at safe locations and learn the various landscapes of the map. After gaining an idea of how the map is, players can then drop on locations such as Bootcamp which tend to hold high intensity battles.

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