Lolzzz Gaming Teases a Big Announcement from Dynamo Soon

Lolzzz Gaming Teases a Big Announcement from Dynamo Soon

Yash “LolzZz” Thacker is a popular Indian YouTube gaming streamer and content creator. He mainly streams the popular battle royale title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Content creators and streamers are continuously looking for new ways to captivate an audience and build a fan base. Lolzzz is one of the steamers from India who has attracted viewers through his excellent gaming skills.

Lolzzz Gaming talks about an announcement with regards to Dynamo 

Lolzzz is one of the top gaming streamers from India and was also a competitive player in the battle royale game BGMI. His career began with playing the battle royale title Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on an emulator device. He also used to participate in a number of emulator tournaments. Since the launch of BGMI, the Indian version of PUBG, he has switched from an emulator to a mobile device. He is now streaming and creating content for Team Godlike.

In a recent Lolzz revealed that an announcement will soon be made by Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant. He said, “I recently met Dynamo in a LAN event. He had some plans and we discussed it and he said that he would be making an announcement soon regarding it. The fans shall sit tight because it is a huge announcement and one that will give you goosebumps. It is going to be a very good announcement.”

However, when one of the viewers in another livestream asked him if the announcement is that he is joining Hydra Esports, he replied, “No that is not happening.”

Dynamo is the owner of Hydra Esports. It is one of the veteran esports organizations in the BGMI scene. The team has had several rosters with different players including seasoned as well as young players.

It will be interesting to see what announcement will be made by Dynamo with regards to Hydra Esports and Lolzzz Gaming. Hydra Esports had recently announced its new BGMI roster which was filled with young and talented players.

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