BMPS 2023 League Stage Week 1 Recap: Overall Standings, Overview and More

Week 1 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has concluded with upcoming teams dominating the event. Teams like Hydra Esports, Growing Strong, Team Together Esports (TTE), LiveCraft and GlitchxReborn have shown their prowess and dominated Week 1. A few Seasoned teams like Gods Reign, OR Esports, Numen Gaming and Global Esports have shown glimpses of brilliance but are yet to put forth their best performance.

The 96 participating teams were divided into 12 groups of 8 each and the 12 groups were further divided into two groups called Blue and Red Groups. Each group played for 3 days with 5 matches for each team.

BMPS 2023 Week 1 Summary

Blue Group overview: The Blue group consisted of groups 1 to 6. Hydra Esports was placed at the top of the table with 108 points and 2 chicken dinners which included 25 bonus points. It was the only team in the group to amass over 100 points in 5 matches.

TTE was placed second and had a good mix of finish and placement points with 96 total points and 20 bonus points. Blind Esports displayed consistent performances and got 89 points with 2 chicken dinners and 15 bonus points. Team X Spark and Gladiators Esports placed fourth and fifth with 79 points each. 

Team Soul placed sixth and was able to grab 78 points including 42 placement points. GenxFM and Entity secured 75 points each and also received 10 bonus points each.

Red Group overview: The Red group consisted of groups 7 to 12. The upcoming squad of Growing Strong dominated the Red group with 131 total points and 25 bonus points. It was able to secure 131 points in just 5 matches with an average of over 26 points per match.

Revenant Esports was the second team from the group to secure over 100 points. It was able to grab 107 points without any chicken dinners. LiveCraft showed aggressive gameplay and secured 90 points, 47 of which came via finish points. GlitchxReborn placed fourth and got 85 points with one chicken dinner. Team Insane placed fifth and had two chicken dinners with 77 total points.

7 Habit placed sixth showing a position based gameplay and got 76 points. The 8BitxCS squad had consistent performances across all three days and secured 71 points. Team Psyche placed eight with 69 points and a chicken dinner.

Week 1 of BMPS 2023 was not as expected by the fans and the viewers. Upcoming teams were able to counter the seasoned teams’ strategies and have managed to dominate the event. A few experienced teams have shown their prowess but were inconsistent and are placed in the second half of the points table. With only 10 matches remaining in the league stages, teams are required to secure as many points as possible to grab a place in the Grand Finals.