Krafton Issues Warning to BMPS 2023 Teams

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has provided its viewers with some intense battles with upcoming teams like Hydra Esports, Growing Strong, Team Together Forever (TTE) and LiveCraft dominating the event. Some of the seasoned teams like OR Esports, Numen Gaming and Gods Reign have not been able to put forth good performances and are placed in the second half of the points table.

Recently, it was revealed that Krafton has issued a warning to the teams and players who are playing third party events other than BMPS 2023 and has said teams who are doing so will be penalized heavily.

Krafton issues warning to BMPS 2023 teams playing other tournaments 

Teams usually play scrims and tournaments during official events to practice and execute their strategies. It is a common occurrence for teams to play such third party scrims and tournaments, but in a recent turn of events it has been revealed that Krafton has issued a warning to the teams that are playing third party events while the BMPS 2023 is ongoing.

The message which is being circulated reads, “Announcement – Teams are informed to strictly not play any tournament or scrims during BMPS. If any of the teams are found to play such, will be penalized with points deduction. Note-Rule is effected for all tournaments or scrims before and after the BMPS broadcast on BMPS days. First warning to the teams playing such scrims or tournaments today.”

According to the message teams are restricted from playing any third party scrims and tournaments on BMPS days or even after the event’s broadcast is over. The penalty for teams doing so is a deduction in points which can prove to be quite significant keeping in mind the format of BMPS 2023.  

The format for BMPS 2023 is that only the top 16 teams out of the 96 participating teams will qualify for the Grand Finals after three weeks of league stage matches. Each team will have 15 matches, 5 each week to qualify for the Grand Finals.

It will be interesting to see the teams’ point of view on this situation as the BMPS 2023 event is played for six days in a week. The Blue and Red groups play matches for three days each with only 2 matches a day.