How Many Draws Needed to Get Angela Annual Starlight Skin in Mobile Legends?

The recently released Angela “Avatar of Time” skin is part of the Annual Starlight series in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML). The skin can only be acquired through a draw event for a limited time. Once the event officially ends, the skin may not be made available for a while with a chance at appearing in the Starlight shop in the future. 

A lot of players are curious about how many draws are needed to get the Angela Annual Starlight Skin in Mobile Legends. Due to how these events require Diamonds to participate, it is important to know how much is needed to acquire the limited-time skin. Here is a guide on how many draws are needed to get the Angela “Avatar of Time” skin in ML.

How to get guaranteed Angela Annual Starlight Skin in Mobile Legends

To acquire the Angela “Avatar of Time” Annual Starlight Skin in ML, players will either have to get lucky in the draw event or have 400 Starlight Fest Crests. While the prizes are random, players may need around 120 draws or more in order to have enough Starlight Fest Crests to acquire the skin.

Keep in mind that players may be able to acquire the skin with fewer draws if they are lucky. The duplicate items or skins acquired from the 2023 Starlight Fest event will also be converted to Crests. 

Here are the conversion rates for each item;

  • Angela “Avatar of Time” Skin: 80 Crests

  • Exclusive Epic Skin: 80 Crests

  • Normal Epic Skin : 36 Crests

  • Special Skin: 30 Crests

  • Elite Skin: 24 Crests

  • Basic Skin: 11 Crests

  • Avatar Border: 20 Crests

  • Battle Emote: 6 Crests

  • Recall Effect: 60 Crests

This means you may be able to earn 400 Starlight Fest Crests before you can win an Angela “Avatar of Time” Skin in Mobile Legends. Make sure to use all the Crests you have acquired before the event ends as they will be removed.

2023 Starlight Fest event drop rates

Here is the full list of item drop rates in the 2023 Starlight Fest event in Mobile Legends;

  • 2023 Starlight Fest Angela “Avatar of Time” Skin: 0.01%

  • 2023 Starlight Fest Avatar Border: 0.50%

  • Avatar of Time Recall Effect: 0.15%

  • Battle Emote “Support Cheer”: 1.55%

  • 2023 Starlight Fest Crest: 48.47%

  • Exclusive returning and other skins: 5.01%

  • Other in-game items: 44.31%

Players should keep in mind that draw events such as the 2023 Starlight Fest may be unforgiving to light spenders. If you are patient, you can simply wait for a few years to get the Angela “Avatar of Time” Skin in Mobile Legends through the Starlight Shop.