BMPS 2023 Week 3 Day 2: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More

Day 2 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) concluded with teams like Team Insane, Entity, Global Esports, and Galaxy Esports continuing their dominance from Day 1. Reckoning Esports was the most impressive team on Day 2 of Week 3 as the team secured a top 3 spot and got 47 points in 2 matches.

Team Insane is placed at the top of the table with 86 points and three chicken dinners. Reckoning Esports placed second and got 62 points. Entity placed at the third spot with 53 points. Global Esports and Galaxy Esports placed at the fourth and fifth place with 48 points each. 

BMPS 2023 Week 3 Day 2 Match Summary

Match 1 Erangel (Group 1 vs Group 2): The first match of the day was interesting as the last circle saw 4 teams alive with Duora from Hydra Esports being the lone standing member from the squad. He was able to secure 6 finishes and clutch out a 1v3 against Growing Strong and a 1v2 against Ostmen Esports to secure the chicken dinner with 28 points. Duora was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match with 6 finishes. Mayur Gaming placed second and got 16 points. Growing Strong had a good mix of finish and placement points for a total of 14 points. Ostmen Esports placed fourth and got 13 points.

Match 2 Miramar (Group 5 vs Group 6): Reckoning Esports made a comeback and secured a 29 point chicken dinner. Aimbot from Reckoning Esports was the MVP with 5 finishes. Galaxy Esports continued its momentum from Day 1 and got 20 points. 7H showed a position based gameplay and got 15 points. Nade Official put forth good fights and scored 13 points. Medal Esports placed fifth and got 10 points. HUB Esports and Metal Wings were eliminated early with 3 points each.

Match 3 Sanhok (Group 2 vs Group 5): Claw Esports secured a comeback chicken dinner with 20 points. HUB Esports showed aggressive gameplay and scored 21 points, 11 of which came via finishes. Reckoning Esports had back to back good matches and got 18 points. Entity and Genesis Esports placed fourth and fifth and got 13 and 12 points respectively. Doome from Genesis Esports was the MVP with 6 finishes. Burnx Official and Hindustan Gaming were eliminated early with 2 points each.

Match 4 Vikendi (Group 1 vs Group 3): Team EXC secured its first chicken dinner of BMPS 2023 Week 3 with 24 points. Although Team EXC secured the chicken dinner, Growing Strong secured the most points, 25, from the match. Wind Esports placed third and got 15 points. Team CK got 14 points for its team effort. Team FFE placed fifth and got 10 points. Team Stellar Titans was eliminated in the initial stages without scoring any points.

Match 5 Erangel (Group 3 vs Group 6): Team Insane secured a massive chicken dinner with 30 points, 15 of which came via finishes. Gods Reign was able to mount a comeback and grabbed 19 points. Harsh “AquaNox” Rao from Gods Reign was the MVP of the match with 6 solo finishes. Medal Esports placed third and got 14 points. Team RPS and Nade Official placed fourth and fifth and got 12 points each. Galaxy Esports and Hyderabad Hydras were eliminated early without scoring any points.

Reckoning Esports was the most dominant team on Day 2 of BMPS 2023 Week 3. Seasoned teams like Team Insane, Entity and Global Esports were able to continue their momentum from Day 1 and grab some points on Day 2 as well. The Day 3 of Week 3 will be the last chance for some of the teams like Medal Esports and Global Esports to qualify for the Grand Finals.