COD: Mobile: First Look & Gameplay of Free DR-H Legendary (Kurohana Crate) Revealed

Call of Duty: Mobile players have a new in-game event to look forward to, as the Kurohana crate offers a chance to unlock a free primary legendary weapon skin. The gun is none other than the DR-H, which has also received a significant buff. Now, the first look and gameplay of this much anticipated legendary skin has also come out thanks to data miners.

The exclusive peek reveals that the gun isn’t a mere rehash of previous legendary iterations, like the prestige skins. Instead, this firearm boasts an exceptional serpent-themed design, complemented by a strikingly impressive kill effect. This article will also provide a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the Kurohana crate and its contents, as well as discuss the first look and gameplay.

Free DR-H Legendary from Kurohana Crate: First Look and Gameplay

The first look and gameplay of the Kurohana crate were revealed in a series of YouTube videos. These videos provide a detailed overview of the Kurohana crate and its contents, as well as demonstrations of the gameplay. Some key points from these videos include:

Players can check out the video below for detailed look and gameplay.

The Kurohana crate will be available after the S6 Rank season, not the S6 Battlepass. Once you have earned 6 legendary medals and 4 tokens, the crate will be unlocked, and you can claim your free primary legendary weapon skin. The skin is not an existing one but a new, unique design.

How to Get the Kurohana Crate

To unlock the Kurohana crate, players need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Reach legendary rank in both Multiplayer (MP) and Battle Royale (BR) modes.

  2. Earn 6 medals in total, with 1 medal for each time you reach legendary rank in MP or BR.

  3. Reach the top 5000 leaderboard in either MP or BR.

  4. Complete missions to earn tokens.

In conclusion, the Kurohana crate is an exciting new in-game event in Call of Duty: Mobile that offers players the opportunity to unlock their first free primary legendary weapon skin. By meeting the requirements and completing missions, players can unlock the Kurohana crate and enjoy the unique skin and gameplay it has to offer.