Free Fire: How to Get the Claws of Fury and Fist Skins; Step-by-step Guide

The Moco store in Free Fire holds a distinct allure among players due to its unique offerings. This week, a new Moco store iteration has emerged on the Indian server of Free Fire MAX, showcasing an array of fist skins alongside exciting bonuses. This limited-time event spans a week, requiring players to utilize their diamonds strategically to partake in the prize pool and seize these exclusive rewards.

How to Get Claws of Fury and More

Commencing on November 27, 2023, and concluding on December 4, 2023, the latest Moco store event spotlights the coveted Claws of Fury as its centerpiece. Among the Grand Prize selections, this striking fist skin reigns supreme, complemented by five other enticing rewards, allowing players to select one item from this pool. Similar options await in the bonus prize section, creating a diverse spectrum of choices for participants.

How to Get Fist Skins

Upon confirmation, players initiate the event by engaging in spins. Unlike other stores, the Moco store ensures no repetition in rewards, promising players their desired items. However, each subsequent spin escalates in cost, urging players to weigh their choices judiciously.

Grand Prizes Include:

Steps to get the rewards from Moco Store

Embark on your journey to claim these exclusive rewards:

  1. Step 1: Launch Free Fire and navigate to the “Luck Royale” section on the left side of the lobby screen.

  2. Step 2: Choose your desired items from the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize sections.

  3. Step 3: Employ your diamonds to spin and unveil rewards. Seize the opportunity to acquire the Claws of Fury and other sought-after items at favorable prices.