COD Mobile Season 10 APK and iOS Download links for Test Build

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile is currently in its ninth season, which launched on 4th October 2023. This season’s theme has brought some Halloween spookiness to the game along with new themed events, challenges and a brand new battle pass. Developers are already testing out COD Mobile Season 10. If you want to access the test server, you’ll need to download the APK files on your Android devices, or a Test Flight download will be required for iOS users. Here is all you need to know about the COD Mobile Season 10 APK and the iOS download links for Test Build. 

COD Mobile Season 10 APK & iOS download links

Usually content featured on test builds is, as the server name suggests, being tested out by developers before it is added to the game. Most of the content in the COD Mobile Season 10 test build is “either going to be from the next season of the following” according to Activision, which means you may see content from both Season 10 and Season 11. For each test build server, there is a player registration limit of 25,000 on Android, and 15,000 on iOS for the first COD Mobile Season 10 update test build. 

COD Mobile Season 10 APK files are small, roughly 1 GB, smaller than earlier seasonal test builds. However, you will need additional storage space later so keep up to 4 GB free. Here are the download links for the COD Mobile Season 10 test build APK and iOS Test Flight below.

Before trying to install the COD Mobile Season 10 APK file, make sure that you have additional storage space on your device. Try to keep at least 4GB free. Before downloading the file, allow apps from unknown sources on your device by heading to “Settings > Safety and Privacy” then selecting “Install apps from Unknown Sources.

For the iOS version of COD Mobile Season 10’s Test Build, you can simply run the Test Flight download link and tap through the steps to install the PTB.

What to expect from the COD Mobile Season 10 test build?

In terms of content, Activision has said players can test out the following:

This time around, a Decoy grenade, and four new weapons are being tested out.

The new guns found in the COD Mobile Season 10 test server are:

  • SVD Dragunov (Sniper)

  • P90 (SMG)

  • PKM (LMG)

  • D13 Sector (Launcher)

So there you have it, the COD Mobile Season 10 test build APK download link for Android, and the iOS download link for Apple devices.