Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023 (Season 10): Main Rewards, Diamonds Cost and More

As we step into October 2023, the gaming community is abuzz with the launch of the Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 10. This fresh installment promises a trove of captivating rewards, featuring a diverse array of themed cosmetics, including two outfits, weapon skins, avatars, banners, and various other collectibles.

Players can unlock these items by upgrading the pass, achieved through completing missions to earn EXP or opting for a direct purchase using Diamonds. Let’s delve into the specifics of the Booyah Pass for October 2023.

Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023 (Season 10) Rewards:

The Booyah Pass Season 10 commenced on October 1, 2023, extending its allure until the month’s end. Rewards are obtainable through both free and premium tracks, with the premium track boasting the most exclusive items. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards:

Free Rewards:

  • Level 10: Reel Fish Backpack

  • Level 20: Fishing Frenzy Banner

  • Level 50: Fish-In Slippers

  • Level 60: Fishing Frenzy Avatar

  • Level 80: Reeling Ducky Skyboard

  • Level 91: Groza – Reel On

Premium Rewards:

  • Level 1: Character Choice Crate

  • Level 10: The Reel Deal Bundle

  • Level 30: Reeling Duckling Loot Box

  • … (and so forth, up to Level 151 and beyond)

Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023 Price:

For those seeking the premium experience, the Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023 (Season 10) is priced at 499 Diamonds. An alternative Premium Plus option is available for 999 Diamonds, offering an additional 50 BP Levels and repeatable rewards beyond Level 200.

Steps to Upgrade Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023:

To elevate your gaming experience, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Booyah Pass section from the menu.

  2. Click the Upgrade button, revealing the options for the standard and Premium Plus variants.

  3. Choose your desired variant and confirm the purchase to elevate your pass.

Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023 Fishing Frenzy Ring:

Complementing the Booyah Pass is the Fishing Frenzy Ring, a staple of Free Fire tradition. This dedicated Booyah Pass Ring is available throughout the month, offering spins at nine Diamonds each or a discounted rate of 90 Diamonds for 11 spins. Prizes include Booyah Pass Premium, BP Ring Tokens, and various exchange options.

In a landscape where spins come at a reduced cost, gamers can take a shot at the Luck Royale to secure coveted items.

Embrace the new month with the Free Fire Booyah Pass October 2023, unlocking a world of exclusive rewards and enhancing your gaming journey. For the latest Free Fire MAX redeem codes, keep your gaming arsenal well-equipped.